How to track Yahoo Invisible status?

Yahoo is one of the most popular Instant Messenger these days. Yahoo Messenger have alot of functions and Invisible Status is one of them. Its really awful, when you want to talk with your friend or he is not replying or maybe he is appearing as offline to you. Well, here i will show you how you can track your friends using online Yahoo Invisible Detectors.

Yahoo Invisible Detectors

Yahoo Detectors are actually worked on a PHP script, which is specially coded to detect Yahoo Invisibility.  Well, honestly i don’t know how accurate these detectors are but whenever i used these detectors i got 100% accurate results.

Why should i use Online Yahoo status detectors to track my friends? Simply there are other methods available but they are paid, whereas the online yahoo status detectors are 100% free, and if you can get something for free why you have to pay for it?

There are alot of Yahoo Detectors available online, I’m going to create a list of those. You can track your friends on them to make sure the results are accurate, you can  track your friends on multiple detectors.

List of Yahoo Status Detectors

Warning! Don’t use sites you find on search engines, Don’t provide them your yahoo login credentials, without having a look on their WotScore. But you can use the Detectors listed below, without any hesitation of getting hacked. These are verified by Wot and me.



Ydetector is a simple, and original detector. You don’t have to create any account or it will not ask you to provide your yahoo login details. Just go to yDetector put your friend’s id and it will show you his/her status instantly.




ymDetecor is another Yahoo status detector. This is the most powerful detector i found online. You have the option to login from facebook. It also allows you to download yahoo Avatars. You can add as much users you want to, and you can check their status by just 1 click on their name.




DetectInvisible is one of the most used detector online. It also allows you to create a buddy list or you can check the status of your friends just by typing his id.



There are many more detectors available online which work the same way. There are also desktop applications available, but mostly are paid. So, i recommend you to use these online detectors.

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