Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide for Beginners

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is used to get organic traffic to your blog. Traffic from Google/Bing/Yahoo search engines is called organic traffic. If you want to see your blog pages on the first page of Google results, you should work hard on SEO of your blog.

New to SEO?

To learn and understand the SEO, you should have the basic knowledge that how Google, Bing and such other Search engine works? How these search engine provide the results for the searches? I am gonna explain everything in details. You can’t make your blog successful without SEO knowledge. In this article i will explain that how Search engine provide results on there searches. What are the basics of SEO? On which contents, the SEO really matters?

Search engines like Google and Bing collect information from every page of the web listed on there Webmaster Tool to provide the accurate results on the searches. People depend on these search engine to get the exact results for what they looking for. How do these search engines find the accurate results? They have such systems/bots which read every website and how these websites are related to each other. This is not an easy job. Every search engine have a secret recipe to run this system, which is known as Algorithm. Algorithm convert all of the collected information of web pages into search results. In that way the search engine works.

Now let me get to the point that what is SEO all about? If you own a blog/website, Search results are important for you. Lets suppose you own HowUpdates. For sure there are thousands of other blogs are available online of your niche. They are your competitors, and if you search on Google about Blogging tips, and you found that your blog is not listed on the first page, whereas your competitor’s blog is on the first page, then you are loosing your visitors and your competitor is getting more visitors day by day.

your blog and search results

If your blog rank is higher, obviously you will get more visitors. Search engine users always pay attention to the first result, or the results listed on the first page. So lets suppose your blog is on the first page of Google and on the top of the page, Bingo! Imagine the visitors. You can get thousands of hits and page views every day.

visitors from google seo

Now how you can make your blog to be on the first result of any search engine? You required a key, which make sure that your website have the contents and ingredients, search engine requires for their recipe algorithm and this is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Most of the big known ingredients are:

  • Words
  • Titles
  • Links
  • Links in Words
  • Reputation

So, if your blog don’t have the ingredients mentioned above, you have to work hard on the SEO of your blog. Now let me explain the ingredients for search engine recipe.

contents for algorithm recipe seo

1. Words

Words matter for SEO. Search engines crawl each word on the web page. Try to use words in your posts which you think that internet users search on search engines. For example , if some one search for How to blog?  and one of your post contain such words and also some other blogs have this keyword in there posts, Google will grab them into the search results. So focus on your articles words, it is an important factor of SEO.

Search engine results how to blog

2. Titles

Search engine firstly pay attention to the title of a blog page. You may not see it because it is in the html code <title>How to blog?</title>. Titles explains the summary of the page to the search engine, thats why these are most important factor for SEO.

Title of the blog page seo

3. Links

Links between different webpages matter for SEO. These links are carlled Backlinks. If there are links to your blog on different webs, it means these websites are recommending there users to your blog. This is really good and it create reputation for your blog. But some peoples try to fool search engine by purchasing backlinks, search engines have the ability to detect such links. So ignore buying links to your blog and you can create links to your blog in various ways, which we will discuss in upcoming articles.

Link to your sites seo

4. Links in words

Words with links also matters in SEO. When you are creating a backlink on your website, try to use the words of the same niche of the site at which you are creating the backlink. And link to the post of same niche. For example if you are creating a backlink on my blog HowUpdates,  use words like Learn Blogging or How to blog? You can’t create a baclink with words like which soap is better for baby care.

backlinks in other websites seo

5. Reputation

When your blog have more then 200 Quality articles and you blog update on the daily basis, and you get some quality backlinks, your blog’s reputation will be increase in front of the google and other search engines. So never give up, just continue writing posts on your blog, and one you will be shine.


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  • It is an excellent guide for beginners to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO gets organic traffic to your blog, to improve traffic; once should work hard on the blog. If your blog rank is higher, you will get more visitors. Quality traffic also helps to retain readers and provide reputation in their eyes

    Rama 4 years ago Reply

  • waiting for “How to create your own Links” and what will happen if we use anyone’s links?

    Marghoob Ahmad Zia 4 years ago Reply

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