How to buy WebHosting and configure DNS?

In this article, I’m going to explain Where to purchase hosting, and How to configure DNS (Domain Name Servers) for your Domain. Well whenever i think about wordpress hosting, I only go for HostGator. HostGator is the best Wordpres Hosting i found. They provide you 99% Uptime guaranteed. Their servers are much powerfull even they can bear DDoS Attacks. DDoS is actually an attack from multiple IP addresses to your host server, which can put your website/blog down for hours or even for days. HostGator have the ability to protect your website from DDoS attacks. Well i will write a details article on Why you should buy hosting from HostGator later. Lets start how to buy Hosting from HostGator.

How to Buy WebHosting from HostGator?

Go to HostGator, and click WEB HOSTING from menu.

webhosting menu

Choose the hosting plan you want to buy, I recommended Hatchling Plan, because it is affordable, reliable and the specs are also good. I recommend you to purchase 3 Years plan since it is 3.96$/month and you can get huge discount. If you purchase one month host which is 7.16$ means you are going to pay 257.76$ for 3 years but if you buy 3 Years plan directly you can buy at 142$. You can see the difference. Ok now once you decided your plan go and click on the ORDER NOW button.

order plans

On the next page, HostGator will offer you to register domain from there. If you don’t have any domain and want to register you can register from there, but i prefer to register domain from GoDaddy. So if you have domain alread, select “I already own this domain” and type your domain in the box.

Domain Hostgator

Now below, have a look again on your plan. If you want to change your plan you can do it from there. Go down and now you have to choose your username and security pin. Type your username and Security pin and scroll down. Now you have to put your billing information there. Type your email, Name and address there. Now HostGator allows you to pay through your Credit card or Paypal. If you want to pay through your credit card, remote on Credit Card, Type the details or If you want to pay though Paypal just remote on paypal and scroll down. You can find Hosting Addons  there, If you want to purchase any Addon you can add that into cart from there. Scroll down and there you can add Hostgator Coupon.

Use this coupon to get 25% Discount “HOWUPDATES01“.

coupan hostgator

Checkmark that you agreed with “Terms and Conditions” and click on CREATE ACCOUNT button. HostGator will redirect you to Paypal, Pay from there and once your payment is approve, HostGator will activate your hosting account and send you details in email.

How to configure DNS

Once HostGator will provide you cPanel Details and Name Servers, You have to configure DNS to point Your domain to the Hosting Server. I am going to GoDaddy, but the procedure is almost same on all of the registrars. Go to your registrar and login. Go to the Domain Panel of which you want to change the NameServers. Click on the Launch button if you are a Godaddy user.

Domain Panel

Find Nameservers and click on Manage Button.

Nameservers HostGator

Now remote on Custom and Click on Enter Custom Nameservers.

custom nameservers

Paste your nameservers and click on OK. Now click on Save and its Done.

Your domain will propagate to your new Hosting in 24 Hours. If you like this post helpful you can share it with your friends on facebook, twitter and Google+.


I hope this article will help you. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you still have any questions in mind, don’t hesitate commenting below.

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