How to make Ubuntu Style Lockscreen of Android Phones

In this article i will explain how to make Ubuntu Style Lockscreen of your anroid phone? Ubuntu is a free Operating system by Google. It is lightning fast, light and Visually sound operating system. Now if you have Android Phone, you can make your lock screen beautiful like Ubuntu. Ubuntu Lockscreen App, is derived from the Ubuntu Touch OS, a standalone operating system that completely revamps your Android device, turning it into a PC-like powerhouse.

Ubuntu Style Lockscreen – Tutorial

»Step 1

Download Ubuntu Lockscreen from Google Play.

»Step 2

If there is any launcher is installed in your android device by default, you need to disable it by default. In my Galaxy Grand, Touchwiz Home is enabled by default.

Go to Settings > Application Manager > All and find TouchWiz Home or any launcher which is enabled by default in your device. Tap on it,and hit Clear Defaults.

ubuntu tut 1

»Step 3

Now, You have to disable your current lockscreen if you want to use Ubuntu as your lockscreen, since only one lockscreen can be used at a time.

Go to Settings > Lock Screen and select None.

ubuntu tut 2

»Step 4

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Services. Turn off all of the services except Ubuntu Lockscreen.


»Step 5

You have to make sure that “Enable Ubuntu Lockscreen” is unchecked, Because if screen locks somehow, You will not be able to get back to homescreen until you restart your mobile phone. So, goto Ubuntu Lockscreen App and Uncheck it.
ubuntu tut 4

»Step 6

Go to App, Tap the security and enable it. You can only use password/pin security since it is beta version.

ubuntu tut 5

»Step 7

Now you have to adjust the basic preferences of the App to your taste. Go to App and you can adjust the animation settings, type of notifications, and add a timer etc

ubuntu tut 6

»Step 8

Go back to app and Enable the Ubuntu lockscreen.

ubuntu tut 7

»Step 9

lock the device, and turn on the display back to set the password. Tap inside the circle and a prompt screen will appear. Read the details that how to set the password and tap Yes. Type the password press go, type pass again, and you are done.

ubuntu tut 8

»Step 10

Restart your androide device, and enjoy Ubuntu lockscreen.

Congratulations, You have completely setup the Ubuntu Lockscreen on your Android Device.


If you still have any questions, you can post them below. I am always here for your help. Please share this post with your friends to help them


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