How to Promote your Old Posts via Twitter?


tweet old postsI got a blog and hundreds of posts and thousands of daily visitors but you are not getting any page views on your old blog posts? Oh my GOD, that’s the weird situation! Don’t worry, let me tell you about a Secret WordPress Plugin, which will help you to promote your old blog posts on Twitter. Why twitter ? Because it is one of the best Social Network for Bloggers, Internet marketers and entrepreneurs. You can get hundreds of hits, from Twitter on your link and your followers can retweet your tweets. You should create a twitter profile from day first of your blog.

Tweet Old Post, WordPress Plugin

I know that you don’t have enough time to go to your old blog posts and tweet them one after one. So, that’s why i found a Free WordPress plugin which will do the same job for you automatically. Tweet Old Post is a powerful WordPress Plugin, which will short the url of your old blog posts and start tweeting them after an interval of time. All you have to do is to install Tweet Old Post and configure it. Here is a link for you to download Tweet Old Post: Click Here.

Do you know why i love Tweet Old Post? Because it is free and have tons of features. Features of this plugin are listed below:

  • It can add hashtags in tweets.
  • It  can short your URL by using 3rd party services.
  • You can exclude posts/categories, you don’t want to tweet.
  • You can Add Prefix or Suffix for the tweets.
  • Full control on the time interval for tweeting.

You can also download Tweet Old Post WordPress plugin directly from your WordPress Dashboard. If you are new to WP, and don’t know how to install WordPress Plugin Please have a look on the Tutorials below.

How to Configure Tweet Old Post

So you have installed the plugin, lets start configuring it. First of all you required a Twitter Profile, where you want to tweet your old blog posts. Please register on Twitter and complete your profile. After done with the Twitter Profile, login to your WordPress Dashboard and click on the Tweet Old Post button in the side menu.

tweet old post

Now there you can find tons of settings. Now authorize your twitter profile with the plugin, you can easily do it by a single button above in the post. Below you’ll have the option for choosing tweet contents. I suggest you to use Title Only. You can add any text you want below or after the tweet in the next setting. If you want to have a look on my Tweet Old Post settings, please have a look below:

  • Tweet Contents: Title Only
  • Include link: Yes
  • Use URL Shortner: Yes
  • URL Shortner Service:
  • #Hashtags: Create hashtag from categories
  • Use Inline Hashtags: Yes
  • Minimum Hashtags Length: 0
  • Minimum Interval between Tweets: 4
  • Post Type: Post Only

All of these settings are easy to follow. You can easily configure this plugin. It allows you to exclude Categories or Posts you don’t want to be tweeted. Start using Tweet Old Post, and give a lift to your Old Contents. Make sure to set a decent Time Interval else it will annoy your followers.


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  • If you do this, please label the tweet as an old post. It’s incredibly frustrating to click over to someone’s blog, read the entire post, SHARE IT, and as you go to comment you realize the stupid thing is two years old. Personally, I think anyone using Twitter like that doesn’t value marketing or their followers.

    Brian Hawkins 3 years ago Reply

    • Hey Brian, That’s a great Idea 🙂 Thanks for your suggestion.

      M Luqman 3 years ago Reply

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