9 Tips for choosing a Best WordPress Plugin

WordPress is a blogging platform dependent on plugins. By the use of plugins bloggers can integrate lot of features in their WordPress Blog. Each new WordPress Installation requires a plugin search that will fill a particular feature that is not available by default. There are thousands of plugins available in WordPress Plugin library.

Choosing a plugin is not an easy task since there are multiple plugins available in the WordPress Library for same purpose. For Example if you search for SEO plugin, then you will end at All in One SEO, SEO Plugin by Yoast, Lazy SEO etc. Which one you will install on your Blog? CONFUSE !!! Ofcourse you are! You required some tips to choose the best plugin for your blog. That’s why in this article I’m going to share my experience for choosing Best WP Plugins.

1. Choose Plugins from WordPress Library

When you start looking for a WordPress plugin , make sure to download it from Official WordPress Library. Each plugin have description containing useful information that we will study in the rest of the tutorial.

You can find all of the WordPress validated plugins, submitted by the community by clicking the link above.

WordPress Library

2. Compatibility with WordPress

This is the most important point for the selection of plugin. The plugin that you choose must be compatible with the version of WordPress you have installed on your blog. If the plugin is not compatible with your WordPress version, the installation of the plugin is not recommended.

You can find the Compatible version of the plugin in the Top Right sidebar.

Wordpress Library Plugin Compability

3. Support Forum

Each plugin have a support forum accessible by clicking the Support button. It allows you to be in contact with the author of the plugin to ask any question or report a bug.

The number of topics addressed is available to get an idea about the quality of support. If the number of unresolved topics are much then don’t take the risk of installing that plugin. A plugin which the author does not provide any support is worthless.

WordPress Best Plugin Support

4. Number of Downloads

Number of downloads describe the popularity of a plugin. A plugin with a high number of downloads is guaranteed of reliability and quality.

However, be careful while choosing a plugin. If the number of downloads are almost identical, prefer the one with the highest number of downloads.

wordpress library plugin downloads

5. Number of Votes

To hear from the community about a WordPress plugin, just look at the number of Votes. The ratings go from 1 to 5. If a plugin has an average of less than 4 stars, you are entitled to doubt the quality of the plugin.

wordpress library quality of plugin

6. Number of the Plugin Versions

The development of a plugin depends on the number of the versions. It allows you to get an idea of ​​project maturity, stability, and its level of functionality and optimization. A plugin development carries 0.1.x to 0.9.x. numbers.

The first stable and complete version is numbered 1.0, the following are called 2.0, 3.0. Versions are called beta test and are potentially unstable.

wordpress library Best WordPress plugin

7. User Reviews

After installing the plugin, users have the opportunity to leave a review on a plugin. This is a very good way to see if it is appreciated by the community or not. This feature is available for a few months. It is for the reason that one can find useful plugin with a little notice.

wordpress library best wordpress plugin

8. Screenshots of the Plugin

Feel free to have a look on “Screenshots” Section. In general, there are screenshots available of both, admin side and user side of the plugin. Of course, these images are not a selection point. You can have a look on screen shots to make sure that the plugin meets your requirements or not? For example if you are looking for a sidebar widget you can have a look on Screenshots. Most of the plugins have screen shots available but a few of the plugin do not have any screen shots. Download the plugin with the confidence after having a look on the Screen Shots.

9. Date of Last Update

Date of the last update indicates when the plugin has been updated for the last time by the author. One that has recently been updated, high chance of working with the latest version of WordPress or external APIs used by the plugin.

In short, an older plugin is more likely not to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It can also mean the abandonment of the development of the plugin by its author.However, do not discredit a plugin that is not updated for several years. If the plugin meets the standards of WordPress and its code is compatible regardless of the version of WordPress, then the date of last update will not be considered as important.

wordpress library best wordpress plugin


So thats how I choose WordPress Plugins for my blog! Do you know such tricks ? Please share them below in the comments. If you required any help please post a comment below. If you like my article please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Subscribe to the blog if you want to stay updated with the HowUpdates.

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