Build Custom Widgets For WordPress

 Technology plays a major role in enhancing communication both in business and individual social life. With these rapid changes entrepreneurs need to jibe their practices with the unrelenting changes. However, catching up with technology is no walk in the park; it takes hard work, unyielding passion and willingness to learn. It therefore resonates for online business people to adapt shrewd internet marketing tools to attract more people to their businesses. Whilst there is a swarm of options internet newbie’s can juggle with, very few of those options compare to the simplicity wordpress places at their disposal.

It goes without saying that the benefits that accrue when people and businesses set up an online presence are beyond measure. Not only does it offer you a platform to network

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Top 7 WordPress Productivity Tips

Success in blogging depends a lot on having the right tools and using them wisely. While most people would agree that WordPress is an awesome blogging platform, not many know how to make it work more efficiently for them. That’s a pity because the better you know WordPress and its capabilities, the easier it is to use and the more work you can get done.  Here are some things you can do to become a more productive blogger with it.


 Customize the post editor layout.


Did you know that you can modify the default WordPress post editor layout?  You can hide, show and rearrange modules; change the number of columns displayed; and switch to full-screen mode while typing a post.

To choose modules to display in the post editor, click New >

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WordPress Permalinks Advance Configuration Guide

A permalink is a URL that points to a permanent post or page in WordPress. Its structure is short by default but not SEO Friendly. So, it is the part of the essential configuration for a WordPress Blog. Its structure by default uses the id of the page/article as a unique identifier like

http: // 25

Before moving to the Permalinks guide, I want you to have a look on the articles listed below. You can get more information about Essential Configuration of your blog.

Change Permalinks

The structure of the URL matters alot in SEO. You must configure the

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How to Promote your Old Posts via Twitter?

tweet old postsI got a blog and hundreds of posts and thousands of daily visitors but you are not getting any page views on your old blog posts? Oh my GOD, that’s the weird situation! Don’t worry, let me tell you about a Secret WordPress Plugin, which will help you to promote your old blog posts on Twitter. Why twitter ? Because it is one of the best Social Network for Bloggers, Internet marketers and entrepreneurs. You can get hundreds of hits, from Twitter on your link and your followers can retweet your tweets. You should create a twitter profile from day first of your blog.

How to create Custom Social Widget?

Custom Social WidgetEveryone wants to make his blog looks Good and Professional. Don’t you want to make your blog feel awesome and unique? Yes you want. But you don’t know How to do this, Right? Don’t worry I am here for you, lets do it together. In this post i will show you how you can create Custom Social Widgets for Websites. Well you required some skills to create such widgets

  • Basic Knowledge of Photoshop
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML /CSS

If you don’t know Photoshop, Html and CSS don’t worry you can find Pre Coded widgets below to use on your Blog.

How to Design Custom Social Widget?

First you have to Design your widget in Photoshop. Photoshop is not necessary, you can design your widget

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