How to Disable Comments on WordPress Posts

disable comments

Many WordPress bloggers like to see comments on their posts.  Comments let people voice their opinions about your content, and lots of commenting suggests a blog is successful in garnering readers’ attention. 

But let’s face it: sometimes, you don’t want others to comment on your writing– at least, not on your own website.

Perhaps you do not want your blog to be open for discussion. 

Or perhaps you want to stop a debate on a controversial post you published.  Or maybe you are too busy to respond to questions or weed out spam.  Whatever your reason, WordPress gives you the power to enforce silence on your site as far as post commenting goes.


Disabling Comments on New Posts


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Seven Fantastic Comment Management WordPress Plugins

Once your blog starts getting more than ten comments a day, you’ll want to install a few WordPress plugins that can help you manage them. A comments system is a fantastic way to communicate with your customers and visitors and can help you develop a community that will last for years and years. However, the more comments there are, the more difficult it will be to manage them all. These tools should help you manage your site’s comments and keep you efficient.


1. CommentLuv


One of the benefits of a strong comment system is that it allows you to develop relationships with other sites. CommentLuv further strengthens this process by fetching the latest posts on a commenter’s blog and gives the option to append it to the end

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Top 7 WordPress Productivity Tips

Success in blogging depends a lot on having the right tools and using them wisely. While most people would agree that WordPress is an awesome blogging platform, not many know how to make it work more efficiently for them. That’s a pity because the better you know WordPress and its capabilities, the easier it is to use and the more work you can get done.  Here are some things you can do to become a more productive blogger with it.


 Customize the post editor layout.


Did you know that you can modify the default WordPress post editor layout?  You can hide, show and rearrange modules; change the number of columns displayed; and switch to full-screen mode while typing a post.

To choose modules to display in the post editor, click New >

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WordPress Permalinks Advance Configuration Guide

A permalink is a URL that points to a permanent post or page in WordPress. Its structure is short by default but not SEO Friendly. So, it is the part of the essential configuration for a WordPress Blog. Its structure by default uses the id of the page/article as a unique identifier like

http: // 25

Before moving to the Permalinks guide, I want you to have a look on the articles listed below. You can get more information about Essential Configuration of your blog.

Change Permalinks

The structure of the URL matters alot in SEO. You must configure the

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WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin: Contact Page

Do you know why the WordPress is extremely smart blogging platform? Because it is an Open Source CMS (Content Management System) and you can complete any task by just installing a related plugin. Wait a minute, Ooops you don’t have a WordPress Contact Page on your Blog? Don’t Worry that’s what i was talking about. You can get your contact page ready by installing a simple and smart WordPress Contact Form 7. You must have a Contact Page on your blog, your readers can contact you using contact page on your blog.

WordPress Contact Form 7

WordPress Contact Form 7There are lot of WordPress Contact Form Plugin are available in the WordPress Library, why i should

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