Top 7 WordPress Productivity Tips

Success in blogging depends a lot on having the right tools and using them wisely. While most people would agree that WordPress is an awesome blogging platform, not many know how to make it work more efficiently for them. That’s a pity because the better you know WordPress and its capabilities, the easier it is to use and the more work you can get done.  Here are some things you can do to become a more productive blogger with it.


 Customize the post editor layout.


Did you know that you can modify the default WordPress post editor layout?  You can hide, show and rearrange modules; change the number of columns displayed; and switch to full-screen mode while typing a post.

To choose modules to display in the post editor, click New >

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Get Ready for the Softer Google Panda Algorithm Update

Panda Softer

If you haven’t read the latest Google news, Matt Cutts announced that the web spam team is working on a new “softer” version of the Google Panda algorithm. The news comes after small businesses have struggled for years over major search engine changes since 2011. A softer algorithm change sounds great to most online business owners, but what does it mean for you?


Panda: The Poor Content Algorithm


Google names its large algorithm changes after animals, and the change that shifted most of the search engine results was Panda. Panda goes after low-quality sites, which means any keyword-stuffed, machine-generated or poorly written content is its target. Other factors affect your rank, but Panda is designed to target low-quality content.

How Google can identify poor quality content is in its

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9 Tips for choosing a Best WordPress Plugin

WordPress is a blogging platform dependent on plugins. By the use of plugins bloggers can integrate lot of features in their WordPress Blog. Each new WordPress Installation requires a plugin search that will fill a particular feature that is not available by default. There are thousands of plugins available in WordPress Plugin library.

Choosing a plugin is not an easy task since there are multiple plugins available in the WordPress Library for same purpose. For Example if you search for SEO plugin, then you will end at All in One SEO, SEO Plugin by Yoast, Lazy SEO etc. Which one you will install on your Blog? CONFUSE !!! Ofcourse you are! You required some tips to

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7 Things your WordPress Blog Should have from Day First

WordPress is an Open Source platform for blogging. You can find tons of plugins, themes and much more. But the blogging is not that easy as it sounds and you will have to face a lot of problems with every step. So in this article i am going to cover 7 Essential things your blog should have from Day First. But before you continue, make sure to have a look on the WordPress Tutorial listed below.

So, you have done with the tutorials listed above, lets Get Started with WordPress Essential Needs.

Custom Unique Logo

You must create a logo for your WordPress blog

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WordPress Ping List 2013

WordPress Ping list is a source which send pings to various search engines about your new post. In simple words Whenever you publish a new post or modify an existing post, WordPress send pings to all of the Ping Networks listed in your Ping Services area. So the searchengines will be notified about your new post or modifications, and they will quickly index your post. In this article I’m going to explain, How you can update your WordPress ping list?

How to update WordPress Ping List?

Login to your WP Dashboard and go to Settings >> Writing.

WP Ping List 2013

There you can find Update Services Section. Paste your ping list there and click on Save Changes button. You should update your ping list after installing

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