Seven Fantastic Comment Management WordPress Plugins

Once your blog starts getting more than ten comments a day, you’ll want to install a few WordPress plugins that can help you manage them. A comments system is a fantastic way to communicate with your customers and visitors and can help you develop a community that will last for years and years. However, the more comments there are, the more difficult it will be to manage them all. These tools should help you manage your site’s comments and keep you efficient.


1. CommentLuv


One of the benefits of a strong comment system is that it allows you to develop relationships with other sites. CommentLuv further strengthens this process by fetching the latest posts on a commenter’s blog and gives the option to append it to the end

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WordPress Permalinks Advance Configuration Guide

A permalink is a URL that points to a permanent post or page in WordPress. Its structure is short by default but not SEO Friendly. So, it is the part of the essential configuration for a WordPress Blog. Its structure by default uses the id of the page/article as a unique identifier like

http: // 25

Before moving to the Permalinks guide, I want you to have a look on the articles listed below. You can get more information about Essential Configuration of your blog.

Change Permalinks

The structure of the URL matters alot in SEO. You must configure the

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How to Promote your Old Posts via Twitter?

tweet old postsI got a blog and hundreds of posts and thousands of daily visitors but you are not getting any page views on your old blog posts? Oh my GOD, that’s the weird situation! Don’t worry, let me tell you about a Secret WordPress Plugin, which will help you to promote your old blog posts on Twitter. Why twitter ? Because it is one of the best Social Network for Bloggers, Internet marketers and entrepreneurs. You can get hundreds of hits, from Twitter on your link and your followers can retweet your tweets. You should create a twitter profile from day first of your blog.

9 Tips for choosing a Best WordPress Plugin

WordPress is a blogging platform dependent on plugins. By the use of plugins bloggers can integrate lot of features in their WordPress Blog. Each new WordPress Installation requires a plugin search that will fill a particular feature that is not available by default. There are thousands of plugins available in WordPress Plugin library.

Choosing a plugin is not an easy task since there are multiple plugins available in the WordPress Library for same purpose. For Example if you search for SEO plugin, then you will end at All in One SEO, SEO Plugin by Yoast, Lazy SEO etc. Which one you will install on your Blog? CONFUSE !!! Ofcourse you are! You required some tips to

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7 Tips to Secure your WordPress blog

WordPress SecurityWordPress is open source Content Management System used the most in the world. Approximately 15% of websites in the world use it. But it is not secured by default, You have to secure your WordPress website/blog yourself. Thats why I’m going to share some Essential WordPress Security Tasks that I wish to know when I started with WordPress. You will find below some tips to secure your WordPress Blog. They will help you avoid spending hours trying to recover what’s left on your website/blog after an attack.

You must be Prepared for the Worst

By installing WordPress you must enter the username of the administrator. Choose something other than the traditional “admin”, the goal is to put spokes in the wheels for those who want to harm you. For

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