How do touchscreen work ?

Keypads are yesterday’s technology. Today, touchscreens rule the market. Devices with screens that respond to the user’s touch are now our go-to gadgets for communication, information, and entertainment. While buttons, keys, and trackballs remain useful, the keypad as we know it looks headed for the nonessential list.

Touchscreen technology looks awfully complicated, but a glimpse underneath your device’s responsive screen reveals nothing but simplicity, beauty, and dashes of technical smarts. Touchscreen technology comes in many varieties, but two functional types stand out. Your phone probably owns a capacitive touchscreen, while your car’s GPS device possibly features resistive technology.

Capacitive Touchscreens 

Capacitive touchscreens make use of the user’s own electrical charge to detect touch points. An insulating surface covers layers of conductive metal arranged in rows.

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