All in one SEO pack WordPress plugin

There are many plugins available out there but the all in one SEO pack WordPress is by far the best of the lot. Performing website optimization with this tool is pretty simple.

A beginner with no knowledge of this tool can lay their hands on it and play around. So, far it has been downloaded fourteen million times which speaks volume about its performance and popularity among SEO developers.

That said it is just not enough to install the SEO plugin WordPress. You need to know how to effectively use it for maximum advantage. In this section we will review the crucial components of AIO SEO plugin WordPress.

These options will surely help you to get a better foothold on the plugin. Do

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How to Decrease Bounce Rate and Increase Pageviews

This is a guest post by Irfan Saleem from Free WordPress Business Theme. If you want to write for HowUpdates, You can contact us using Contact form.

Increasing Pageviews And decreasing the bounce rate are two very important things, if you manage to fix one of these 2 things other one will improve automatically. In this tutorial I’m going to explain how you can do this.

First of all you should have knowledge about Pageviews and Bounce Rate. So you can find a little description about it below.

What are Pageviews?

pageviewsPageViews are the record of how much your contents/posts has been viewed by a

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WordPress Permalinks Advance Configuration Guide

A permalink is a URL that points to a permanent post or page in WordPress. Its structure is short by default but not SEO Friendly. So, it is the part of the essential configuration for a WordPress Blog. Its structure by default uses the id of the page/article as a unique identifier like

http: // 25

Before moving to the Permalinks guide, I want you to have a look on the articles listed below. You can get more information about Essential Configuration of your blog.

Change Permalinks

The structure of the URL matters alot in SEO. You must configure the

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How to write SEO Optimize Article in WordPress?

optimizeAfter Setting up your WordPress blog, you have to go for Search Engine Optimization. Ofcourse you required a complete strategy. It means that you need to think about a specific plan on How to make your blog known? Obviously this is not the purpose of this Tutorial, but it is important to know where you are going. You must know Basics of SEO.

To write SEO Optimized Content, the following parameters must be taken:

  • Write 6 to 8 important keywords in your article
  • Internal Linking
  • Layout (Use h1, h2, h3, Bold, Italic etc..)
  • The level of language (Understandable by an engineer, student, doctor..)
  • External Links
  • Titles
  • Number of words
  • Reliability of information
  • Authenticity of the content (Must be Unique)
  • Add Media (images, video etc …)

There are many others parameters,

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Google Authorship Markup Guide

This is a guest post by Usama Arshad from NetGuideLines. If you want to write for HowUpdates, You can contact us using Contact form.

Having a picture in Search Engine Results can surely Increase your’s blog CTR (Click Through Rate).  It is literally known as Authorship Markup or Rich Snippet. Basically it is having your Google+ picture under Google search results (Yeah, it sounds good. But it looks more good).

Rich Snippet CTR

Above in the picture is cool me, having a cool Rich Snippet in Google search results. Seeing a picture in search result can intrigue a reader to click on the link.

What is Google Authorship Markup?

Google Authorship is

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