How to write SEO Optimize Article in WordPress?

optimizeAfter Setting up your WordPress blog, you have to go for Search Engine Optimization. Ofcourse you required a complete strategy. It means that you need to think about a specific plan on How to make your blog known? Obviously this is not the purpose of this Tutorial, but it is important to know where you are going. You must know Basics of SEO.

To write SEO Optimized Content, the following parameters must be taken:

  • Write 6 to 8 important keywords in your article
  • Internal Linking
  • Layout (Use h1, h2, h3, Bold, Italic etc..)
  • The level of language (Understandable by an engineer, student, doctor..)
  • External Links
  • Titles
  • Number of words
  • Reliability of information
  • Authenticity of the content (Must be Unique)
  • Add Media (images, video etc …)

There are many others parameters,

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Google Authorship Markup Guide

This is a guest post by Usama Arshad from NetGuideLines. If you want to write for HowUpdates, You can contact us using Contact form.

Having a picture in Search Engine Results can surely Increase your’s blog CTR (Click Through Rate).  It is literally known as Authorship Markup or Rich Snippet. Basically it is having your Google+ picture under Google search results (Yeah, it sounds good. But it looks more good).

Rich Snippet CTR

Above in the picture is cool me, having a cool Rich Snippet in Google search results. Seeing a picture in search result can intrigue a reader to click on the link.

What is Google Authorship Markup?

Google Authorship is

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What are Backlinks and How to get free backlinks?

I am sure that if you have studied about Search Engine Optimization, you’ve came across the word Backlink. Backlink is a term which refers to link pointing at a blog from another website/blog. When i started blogging, i was not aware of Backlinks and their importance. So its possible that you may also not aware of Backlinks, thats why I am going to share my knowledge of backlinks and how to create backlinks for WordPress Blog.

What is Backlink SEO

Quality BacklinksIn simple words “An anchor link in a blog/website which is pointing to another blog/website is called backlink“. Its a simple

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Importance of WordPress Robots.txt File

WordPress Robots.txt is the text file located in the root of your Web Directory. One of the most confusing part in SEO is setting up your Robots.txt file. There are lot of Webmasters out there, who miss out the use of WP Robots txt file. Actually Robots.txt file followed by the search engine bots. Those bots follow the guide lines in Robots.txt file, to understand that which part of your blog they have to crawl, and which part to left. In short it helps to block search engine bots to index and crawl admin pages and important part of your blog. A wrong configured Robots.txt file can completely remove the presence of your blog from search engines. Thats why it is

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