How do touchscreen work ?

Keypads are yesterday’s technology. Today, touchscreens rule the market. Devices with screens that respond to the user’s touch are now our go-to gadgets for communication, information, and entertainment. While buttons, keys, and trackballs remain useful, the keypad as we know it looks headed for the nonessential list.

Touchscreen technology looks awfully complicated, but a glimpse underneath your device’s responsive screen reveals nothing but simplicity, beauty, and dashes of technical smarts. Touchscreen technology comes in many varieties, but two functional types stand out. Your phone probably owns a capacitive touchscreen, while your car’s GPS device possibly features resistive technology.

Capacitive Touchscreens 

Capacitive touchscreens make use of the user’s own electrical charge to detect touch points. An insulating surface covers layers of conductive metal arranged in rows.

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How to Download Video from Youtube?

Alot of internet users are asking questions that how they can download the videos from YouTube, So i thought to write an article on it. Officially YouTube do not provide the facility to download there videos. But you can download videos from YouTube by 3rd party websites.

How to Download Video from YouTube

You should have java installed in your PC. If you don’t have it click the link below to download java.

Click here to Download Java

Once the java has been installed, go to the video you want to download. Copy the URL of the video.


Now go to the and paste the video URL in the box

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Tor Browser – Hide your IP using Tor Browser

Sometimes its really irritative when you can’t access to any website because of your country policies. Or you can’t access to any website on job or in university. So is there any way, you can access to blocked websites? Yes there are alot of ways to bypass these blockage restrictions. I’m going to share how to gain access to blocked websites using Tor.

hide ip with tor
Tor is a great browser to browse anonymously. You can browse any website which is banned in your country. For example Youtube is banned in Pakistan, by using tor browser you can browse youtube at good speed then VPN. Also tor have no ads, so browse with confidence.

How to use Tor Browser?

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How to track Yahoo Invisible status?

Yahoo is one of the most popular Instant Messenger these days. Yahoo Messenger have alot of functions and Invisible Status is one of them. Its really awful, when you want to talk with your friend or he is not replying or maybe he is appearing as offline to you. Well, here i will show you how you can track your friends using online Yahoo Invisible Detectors.

Yahoo Invisible Detectors

Yahoo Detectors are actually worked on a PHP script, which is specially coded to detect Yahoo Invisibility.  Well, honestly i don’t know how accurate these detectors are but whenever i used these detectors i got 100% accurate results.

Why should i use Online Yahoo status detectors to track my friends? Simply there are other methods available but they are paid, whereas the online

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How to download torrent?

Torrents are one of the best way to download any movie, software, cracks, games or anything you want from internet. All you need to have a torrent client and torrent file. Torrent file work with seeders and leachers/peers. Seeders are those who are uploading the torrent file from there server and leachers/peers are those who are currently downloading the torrent. So if your torrent have much seeders, you can download it at good speed 250/500 kb/s and if the torrent have alot of leachers and seeders are less then leachers you will get speed like 50 kb/s. So you should find your torrent file with lot of seeders. You can’t download torrent file without any torrent client.

Torrent Client

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