How CloudFlare CDN can be helpful for your Blog?

Search engine ranking blogs on their speed now a days. Google officially updated that the SEO of a blog also depends on the speed of the blog. So, in this article i am covering how you can speed up your blog using CloudFlare CDN? CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. CDN use for content delivery to the end-user with high performance and high availability. Cloudflare is one of the best CDN out in the market, and yes it also have free plan.

CloudFlare CDN

Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare is an advanced and popular Content delivery network out there. Cloudflare provide free and premium services to their users. Free plan is enough for a blog. Cloudflare will not only

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What is cPanel? cPanel Guide

Once you purchase a domain, and Configure the DNS, You have to transfer files to the server and create MySql database to create a website on your Domain. So here the use of cPanel came into play. cPanel is basically a Web Based Control Panel, provided you by your WebHost. It allows you to manage your Web host easily. With cPanel you can accomplish your tasks faster and anyone even a non-professional can create a complete website/blog using cPanel. It have alot of features which makes it easy to manage any host Server. You can create MySQL Databases, edit database through phpMyAdmin, can transfer files to your server using File Manager and you can do much more then it. cPanel really

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What is FileZilla?

filezillWhile working with the blog or website, you have to transfer files from your pc to server, or server to pc.  Here Filezilla came into use. FileZilla is a free FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. It is one of the best ftp client. There are alot of more FTP clients are available on the internet but they are paid and work on the same way. But FileZilla is my favorite FTP client because of its features. I love it because its 100% free and you can connect to multiple servers at same time. Mostly other ftp clients does not have such multitasking feature. Also it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

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How to Register Domain?

There are alot of Domain Registrars can be found online over internet, But the service of all of them is not good enough. The best domain registrars i found are Godaddy & Namecheap. You required a Credit/Debit Card, Bank Account or Paypal account to make payment for the domain registration. In this article i will show you registering domain in Godaddy. The method is almost same on all of the other domain registrars. So let’s start it.

How to register Domain at GoDaddy?

Go to Godaddy, Type the name of domain you want in big domain search box. Just type the name don’t type .com .net etc." width="740" height="560" srcset=" 740w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 740px) 100vw,

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