How to Use Google Page Speed

The way that your website works for your visitors matters. Sites that download quickly are perceived as being better than those that download slowly. You may only get a few seconds of their time before they navigate off the page and go elsewhere. Google’s add-on for Firefox users, Page Speed, can help you analyze pages and sites to see where improvements may need to be made. How does this program work and what can it tell you?


How to Use Page Speed


Once you’ve downloaded Google Page Speed it will be lodged in the Tools folder within Firefox. To use the program you simply need to:


1. Go to Tools, Firebug, Open Firebug.

2. Click on the tab marked Page Speed to open up the tool.

3. Go the web page/site on which you

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Google Authorship Markup Guide

This is a guest post by Usama Arshad from NetGuideLines. If you want to write for HowUpdates, You can contact us using Contact form.

Having a picture in Search Engine Results can surely Increase your’s blog CTR (Click Through Rate).  It is literally known as Authorship Markup or Rich Snippet. Basically it is having your Google+ picture under Google search results (Yeah, it sounds good. But it looks more good).

Rich Snippet CTR

Above in the picture is cool me, having a cool Rich Snippet in Google search results. Seeing a picture in search result can intrigue a reader to click on the link.

What is Google Authorship Markup?

Google Authorship is

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How to Setup RSS Feedburner for WordPress Blog?

RSS feedburnerRSS stands for Rich Site Summary. RSS Feeds enable the readers to get updates from there favorite blogs directly into their email box. It is also a great tool for Internet Marketers. RSS Feeds can bet setup for a blog using Feedburner. RSS Feedburner is one of the most essential part for a blogger to setup for their blog. Feedburner is owned by Google. It is a free Email Marketing tool with tons of features. Some features of RSS Feedburner are listed below:

  • Its a free Email marketing tool.
  • 100% Email delivery on time.
  • Easy to use and easy to manage.
  • Owned by Google.
  • Can easily be integrated with any theme.
  • You can have a full control on your

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How to Submit your blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool?

How you can submit your blog/website to Google? Anyone want to see his blog in Google search results. So you can list your blog in Google search engine by submitting your blog sitemap to Google.  We already discussed about what is sitemap and how to create a sitemap, So i am not going to explain it again.

How to submit Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool?

Google Webmaster is a tool where you can Submit your website/blog and sitemap. Once you submit your website sitemap, Google will start sending bots to your blog, and start crawling your blog pages and posts. Ok now follow the step by step guide below to Verify your blog in Google and Submit your sitemap.

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How to install Google Analytics Tracker on your WordPress Blog?

I already wrote an article on Google Analytics. If you missed that, here you can find it. What is Google Analytics? I recommend you to must have a look on it before this. Google Analytics is a service from Google to track your Blog stats for free. You can track your Blog visitors, online users, your visitor locations, eCommerce sales, referring websites and much more. You can find much more details on Google Analytics in my previous article. Lets move to the next step, that how you can install Google Analytics tracker on your blog.

How to install Google Tracker on your Blog?

You required a google account. If you don’t have yet, you can get one for free. Simply go to google and signup for

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