How to Submit your blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool?

How you can submit your blog/website to Google? Anyone want to see his blog in Google search results. So you can list your blog in Google search engine by submitting your blog sitemap to Google.  We already discussed about what is sitemap and how to create a sitemap, So i am not going to explain it again.

How to submit Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool?

Google Webmaster is a tool where you can Submit your website/blog and sitemap. Once you submit your website sitemap, Google will start sending bots to your blog, and start crawling your blog pages and posts. Ok now follow the step by step guide below to Verify your blog in Google and Submit your sitemap.

How to verify your blog to Google Webmaster Tool?

Go to Google Webmaster and login with your Google Account, If you don’t have one you can sign up for free. Once you signed in, click on Add a Site, and type your blog URL and click on Continue. Google will ask you to download a HTML file and upload it to root of your blog.

verify blog on google webmaster

Now Download the file, by clicking the link as i shown in the screen shot above, Once you downloaded the file Login to FTP of your blog using FTP client or login to cPanel and go to File Manager. Upload that HTML into the public_html directory. Click the Verify button once the html file uploaded. You are DONE! Its time to submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool.

How to submit blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool?

Once your Blog/website is verified on Google Webmaster Tool, Click on the Blog from Webmaster Tool >> Go to Crawl >> Click on Sitemaps.

sitemap submitting

Click on Add/Test Sitemap on Sitemaps page. Type the url to your XML Sitemap.

sitemap xml

My Sitemap url is So, i typed just sitemap.xml because the main domain url is available by default. Click on Submit Sitemap now, and you are done. Your sitemap has been submit to the Google.


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  • iif we use .xml sitemap then we dont need to give our site on Google Webmaster. is that true?
    and i added the .xml sitemap and after “click on Add a Site, and type your blog URL and click on Continue” the answer was “Your site has been added to your account.”
    is thats it? im done? :-\ plz help

    Marghoob Ahmad Zia 4 years ago Reply

    • If you are using blogger, then Google automatically submit your blog to your webmaster tool of the same gmail account which you using for blogger.

      M Luqman 4 years ago Reply

  • Thanks for sharing with us this guide helpfull for newbies

    Sanjay 4 years ago Reply

  • Just one question.
    For example right now i have 10 posts, i submit my xml now in Google Webmasters, then after some days if i write more articles, do i have to submit again or it will submit upcoming posts automatically?

    Adnan Sarwar 4 years ago Reply

    • No you don’t have to submit it again, Because the sitemap updates automatically when you write a new post and Google crawler will crawl your new post once they found it in Sitemap.

      M Luqman 4 years ago Reply

  • It really helped me in saving my time for my visitors.I will mention this great Article on my Website.You are doing Fabulous Job Masha Allah.Together we will do something really great

    Mr.A 3 years ago Reply

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