Seven Fantastic Comment Management WordPress Plugins

Once your blog starts getting more than ten comments a day, you’ll want to install a few WordPress plugins that can help you manage them. A comments system is a fantastic way to communicate with your customers and visitors and can help you develop a community that will last for years and years. However, the more comments there are, the more difficult it will be to manage them all. These tools should help you manage your site’s comments and keep you efficient.


1. CommentLuv


One of the benefits of a strong comment system is that it allows you to develop relationships with other sites. CommentLuv further strengthens this process by fetching the latest posts on a commenter’s blog and gives the option to append it to the end of their comment. This makes it easy for visitors to share their links, which encourages backlinks to your site in turn. The only downside is that you’ll need some form of comment moderation to prevent spammers from abusing this plugin.


2. Comment Rating


Reddit is a popular site for many reasons, among them ability to upvote and downvote comments. With Comment Rating, you can give your visitors the same power, allowing your community to regulate itself. It will give you a lot of breathing room in terms of moderation, as a healthy community will take care of downvoting and hiding spammers and other negative elements.


3. WP Paginate


WP Paginate allows you to separate comments into multiple pages for ease of reading. It also improves your site’s search engine optimization and it gives you more internal links. This is useful for posts that have generated intense and persistent discussion.


4. Quote Comments


Quote Comments allows users to properly and easily quote another user, allowing for a clear flow of discussion. It does this by adding a “Quote” button to your commenting system, automatically copying the indicated comment’s contents into the user’s reply.


5. Live Comment Preview


Live Comment Preview allows your users to see how their comment will appear as they type it. This WordPress plugin is incredibly useful for sites that allow HTML coding in their comment boxes. Giving your users this feature can promote individuality and creativity, further strengthening the community as they may develop memes and an internal lingo.


6. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded


Subscribe to Comments Reloaded lets users to keep track of comment threads, allowing them to keep an eye on what’s being said. It has numerous features, including the ability to stop all notifications with the click of a button. This also gives you the ability to weed out spammers with a double-opt in, requiring new users to verify their identity through their email.


7. WP Comment Remix


This plugin gives you a wealth of options in terms of managing the comments itself. Standout features include the ability to choose what order to show comments to your readers and the ability to tag comments to allow users to find a specific reply.


You don’t need to use all these plugins and you probably shouldn’t – a horde of plugins can slow down your site, which can affect usability. Simply consider your audience and what they need.

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