How to Score Extra Cloud Storage from Dropbox

Over the last few years, it’s become increasingly clear that the safest place you can store backup copies of your important files is in the cloud. Located offsite and immune to disasters like house fires and computer theft, your online files can also be accessed from any computer, anywhere. Like so many other Internet-based services, however, no one wants to pay for cloud storage if it’s avoidable. Luckily, some of the major cloud-based companies offer decent bonuses for joining and easy ways for you to bolster your online hard drive without spending a dime.


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud-based storage services among consumers, and it’s easy to access from a number of different places–including your desktop, browser, and smartphone. Upon signing up for an account, you will receive 2GB of free storage, but it’s very easy to increase that number exponentially. Here is a look at several ways you can score extra Dropbox storage and securely back up more files.


You will get your free 2GB automatically when signing up for Dropbox, and you can start using that storage space right away. In order to make the most of Dropbox, it’s a good idea to download the desktop app to your Mac or PC as well as adding the free mobile app to your iOS and Android devices. Dropbox also recommends that you complete its “Get Started” guide (which includes a tour of the product and instructions for starting to use your storage space). As an incentive, you can earn an extra 250MB just by completing this guide–bringing your free total up to 2.25GB.


The next options to get more storage space all involve promoting Dropbox via your various social media accounts and interacting with the service’s developers. You get an extra 125MB each time you complete tasks like connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts, following Dropbox on Twitter, tweeting about the company, and sending feedback about the Dropbox service. After completing all these tasks, your drive will already be up to almost 2.9GB.


An easy way to score an extra 1GB of storage is by downloading the Mailbox app onto your iPhone and linking it to your Dropbox account. This alternative to Apple’s built-in Mail app may woo you and turn you into a devoted user, but you can keep the extra storage even if you don’t like the app. Once you have your added 1GB, you can feel free to delete Mailbox and remove any files it’s added to your Dropbox. At this point, your drive should be at about 3.9GB total.


The next way to beef up your drive is by downloading the Dropbox app for iOS or Android and then turning on the Camera Upload feature. All the photos from your phone’s camera roll will begin backing up to your Dropbox, and each time you use 500MB, you will get another 500MB added for free (up to 3GB of extra space). Once you have the storage, you get it permanently, so you can decide at that point if you want to keep Camera Upload turned on or if you’d rather delete your photos and use the space for something else. The extra storage space from using the feature will have boosted your Dropbox to 6.9GB.


While all the ways to earn extra storage space up to this point will have been extremely easy, you’ll be venturing into slightly more difficult territory if you need more free space beyond the 6.9GB you’ve already acquired. Every time you get someone else to sign up for a Dropbox account via your referral link, you earn an extra 500MB as a reward (up to 32 people or 16GB). You can post your link via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ as well as combing through your address book and looking for friends to email. Your success will undoubtedly vary, but it is theoretically possible to come out of the referral process with a grand total of 22.9GB of free data.


Even if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of referrals, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get your Dropbox up to almost 7GB of storage space. Once you’ve got the extra data, you can use Dropbox to easily access your files from anywhere and back up the important pictures and documents that you wouldn’t want to lose. Get started by visiting today.

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