How to Create and Verify Paypal in Pakistan?


I’m going to explain how to create and verify a Paypal account in Pakistan. Officially PayPal do not allow users from Pakistan and some countries to register on their payment gateway. Since there are millions of online companies which only accept Paypal as payment gateway. Therefore I am going to show you how you can make Paypal account in Pakistan and how can you verify it ! It is an illegal trick but you can use it for emergency purposes.

How to create and verify Paypal account in Pakistan

Just follow the step by step guide below to get your Verified Paypal Account. You will also get Virtual Bank Account in USA and 1 Master Debit Card for free You will be able to use that debit card to cashout your funds through Paypal from any ATM Machine.

  1. Go to Paypal, Sign up and Choose your country as United States of America.
  2. Use Fake USA Address, But other all information should be 100% correct.
  3. Once you signup, verify your email and login to your Paypal account.
  4. Now you have your Paypal account, its time to make it verified. To verify your account you need a bank account in USA.
  5. Go to Payoneer. Sign up for free Debit Master Card. Provide your Address, Name, CNIC Details 100% Correct, There is no risk.
  6. Once your application will be approved, Payoneer will ship your Debit MasterCard, and you will receive it in a month.
  7. When you receive your Master Debit Card, Activate it in your Payoneer account.
  8. After activating your Debit Card, Apply for US Payment Service in your payoneer account.
  9. Once USA Payment Service activated on your account, Hover on “Receive Money”, click on “US Payment Service”, There your Can find your Bank Routing Number and Account Number of your USA Virtual Bank Account.
  10. Now login to your Paypal account, and add Bank Account to verify PayPal.
  11. After adding Bank account details to your Paypal account, Paypal will send 2 small deposits to your virtual bank account. Those two deposits will show in your payoneer account in 2-4 business days. When you get deposits in your payoneer account, Login to your Paypal and put the exact amount to verify your Paypal.
  12. Now your Paypal is verified, you can Withdraw your Paypal funds to Virtual bank account and then you can cash them out from any ATM Machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can i attach my Payoneer Master Debit card in my Paypal account?

No you can’t do this, Because the original billing address of your payoneer card is of Pakistan, and the address registered on your Paypal account is Fake USA Address.

Q. Can i withdraw Paypal funds to my Payoneer Master Debit Card?

Yes, you can withdraw your Paypal funds to your Master Debit Card.

Q. Where can i use my Payoneer Master Debit Card?

You can use your Payoneer Debit Card for online payments or to get paid online from someone else. Anyone from the world can recharge your Master DebitCard from Payoneer’s website. You can use your Debit Card on ATM Machines to withdraw your Payoneer/Paypal funds.

Q. Where can i find my MasterDebitCard’s Billing Address?

You can find your Payoneer Debit Card’s billing address in your Payoneer account. Hover on “Account Information” and click on “My Billing Adress”.

Q. What is the benefit to join Payoneer VBA Service for paypal?

There are much more VBA Providers online, but Payoneer is most reliable, fast and professional. It also provide you a Debit Card which is connected with your payoneer account balance. If you signup under my Referral Link, and once you receive 100$ from anywhere in your Payoneer account, you will get 25$ for free.


Create your paypal account today and verify it. If you still have any questions, you can post them below. I am always here for your help. Please share this post with your friends to help them.


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  • Thank you that was very informative.

    Zain Ali 4 years ago Reply

    • You are welcome 🙂

      M Luqman 4 years ago Reply

      • bhai main kis trah paypal account yaan paypal card bana sakta hon abroad sa money lanay ka liyay us ka sara process bata dain

        Hassan Ahmed 3 years ago Reply

  • Thank you very much for this info 🙂 i ordered when 🙂 waiting for approval…

    And nice template you got here 😀

    Shehrose 4 years ago Reply

    • Glad i could help you 🙂

      M Luqman 4 years ago Reply

  • Wese Ye Mujhe Phele se he pata tha 😀 :p

    Shehrose 4 years ago Reply

    • Good 🙂

      M Luqman 4 years ago Reply

  • bro 100% correct information thanks

    jeet 4 years ago Reply

  • bro having problem they need mobile no

    awais ghaffar 4 years ago Reply

    • you can paste any mobile no of usa, like 7852201201, 5562320254

      M Luqman 4 years ago Reply

  • bhai ,jab me e bank account add karne laga ho to option ata he ..
    Bank Accounts isn’t available

    PayPal doesn’t offer this feature at this time.

    mujahid 4 years ago Reply

    • I hope you choose United states as your country while creating PayPal account?

      M Luqman 4 years ago Reply

      • IP ka to koi masla nae hota address dete huwe

        mohsin 3 years ago Reply

        • You have to contact Payoneer Live Support. They can help you in that case.

          M Luqman 3 years ago Reply

  • hello sir please contact me i want paypal and pioneer as well i have try to make 3 times but still on approval proccess form last 3 months.

    mohsin 3 years ago Reply

  • salam./ bhai ap bna k deskty ho mujhe paypal account. plzz reply.

    Hasan 3 years ago Reply

  • aoa
    bhai maine payoneer ka card b activate kr liya hai aur papal ka accont b bna liya hai aur 2 small amount b snd kr li hain payoneer account main but abhi tak verified ni hua kya 2 se 3 dino main ho gaye ga.

    tahseen 3 years ago Reply

    • Aap ne Paypal account main Payoneer k bank account ki details daaali ? And jo 2 amounts paypal ne aap k payoneer main bheje wo verify kerwa li hia?

      M Luqman 3 years ago Reply

  • bhai m ny payoneer card bnwa lia a..but kch prblms arahi hain..kindly help me..ap call py cntct krlen..i will be very thankful to you..

    maryam 3 years ago Reply

  • slm brother my ne paypal verified mi payoneer ka routing numbr or account number add kia on mi lika ta 2 days mi payooner mi transictin huge abhe 3 den hogae transiction ni howe

    musa 3 years ago Reply

  • Hi Luqman Bhai,
    i have a problem,i have a paypal account created by my brother living in Qatar.Now paypal is working.i have also applied for payoneer account and it will reach in 1-2 days.kindely guide me how can i get Us services from that Qatar paypal account and activate with Payoneer.I will Be thankful to you

    Ali 3 years ago Reply

    • I didn’t got you! You cannot use your Qatar Bank Details With Payoneer! but you can use Your Payoneer Bank details with paypal. The Paypal and Payoneer should be registered on the same name in order to get approved!

      M Luqman 3 years ago Reply

  • hello , bro i entered the house address correctly but it will shows the msg again & again that my address was incorrect kindly help me on this how to enter the house number or street number and all i hope u will reply soon. thanks

    saad 3 years ago Reply

    • The address can only be verified if the address is genuine! So search for an original USA Address, Google will help you in finding an address.

      M Luqman 3 years ago Reply

  • Nice Info thanks, we finally get PayPal for our site by this method 🙂

    Jobe In Pakistan 3 years ago Reply

  • salam luqman bhi me ne payoneer card activate kr liya ha or usp service b enable ha. 2 din se paypal account bnany ki koshish kr rha hn bt problem aa rhi ha kya ap bna skty hain plz

    Muhammad Bilal 3 years ago Reply

  • jb me ne apni account details d to …….problem ye hai

    Enter your online banking login information for Bank Of America, N.A.. We will not save this information.

    Muhammad Bilal 3 years ago Reply

  • This article is really helpful, thanks luqman for sharing how to make paypal in Pakistan with us!
    Usama Arshad recently posted…How to install WordPress Themes ( Screenshots included )My Profile

    Usama Arshad 3 years ago Reply

  • IF its illegal, then dont we have to face shame if any case errupts in future

    Umar 3 years ago Reply

  • plz luqman bhai mujhe ye btayein k
    Kia ye credit card apne village k post office me aata ha? Aur
    Kia ye free ha ya paisy charge hotay hain.

    SHAKEEL 3 years ago Reply

  • plz mujhe btayein k kia ye payoneer se card free milta ha.

    awangroup 3 years ago Reply

  • Which Bank’s ATM supports payoneer mastercard in PAKISTAN?

    Shahroz 3 years ago Reply

  • payoneer debit card k annual fees $35 start mein charge ho gi ya end mein?

    Shahroz 3 years ago Reply

    • Its $30 not $35 and jub aap k payoneer main pese aaye ge to waha se hi charge hogi and start main hi hogi.

      M Luqman 3 years ago Reply

      • jnb mugy paypal account bnnana sekha do gy plz koi web site bta do jha sa bano

        haroon 3 years ago Reply

  • These are the sort of illegal tricks that have given Pakistan a bad name. Its better to use money brookers instead..

    aisha 3 years ago Reply

  • well i am real interested to start my online sales business world wide of different items. i have several questions in my mind like! What would be (daily, weekly, monthly or annually) services charges for each or more transaction by payoneer account of mine. What are the grantees of my credit about its transfer from USA to Pakistan. I want to know all hidden, other charges and my credit insurance please. It would be much appreciated if you could reply me via email give.

    SABA 3 years ago Reply

  • is it possible that i open paypal account with my original name and fake address and fake bank routing detail to map with payoneer account?

    faysal 3 years ago Reply

    • Payoneer will provide you original Bank routing number so why you want to use fake routing details?

      M Luqman 3 years ago Reply

      • o yes, original bank routing details which payoneer provides me, but can i make PayPal account by my original name. ?? because the bank details fakegenerator provide is USA male, and his details?? and when PayPal send money to that bank routing account, but if my original name is there, then PayPal might not be able to recognise the account, as i have changed the name, but bank details are same.

        2nd: PayPal needs a mobile number to send verification code, which USA number should i give in PayPal to receive that code????

        faysal 3 years ago Reply

        • Please re read the guide I clearly wrote that to use your original name and other details except address and phone no.. You must use your original name as same you used on the payoneer.
          2ndly verification of Phone no is not that much required. Just ignore it, They not gona block you if you didn’t verified your number but if they urge you then buy a skype number and verify your account later.

          M Luqman 3 years ago Reply

  • paypal needs a mobile number to verify code, which number should i give them for verification, as the fake number i have already given is USA based?

    faysal 3 years ago Reply

  • Paypal name and Payoneer name is same ?

    Adi 3 years ago Reply

  • i have got payoneer card today, and activate it in payoneer account. i also update bank routing details in paypal account, also verified PayPal amount in payoneer.
    1- do i need to update card details in PayPal account?
    2- how much time it will to transfer my PayPal amount in payoneer account.???

    faysal 3 years ago Reply

    • 1. No you don’t have to submit the Card info.
      2. About 2-3 business days.

      M Luqman 3 years ago Reply

  • Bhai Paypal account verification ky bad bank account opening ky leya routing number and account number kon sa dun ?

    Abid 3 years ago Reply

  • really helpful article which i wondering for couple of days. Thanks again 😉

    navid 3 years ago Reply

  • Hi, will I be able to use this on Ebay?

    Osman 3 years ago Reply

    • Yes you can.

      How Updates 3 years ago Reply

      • Thanks for your reply. But can you explain a little, how would that be possible? Can I put money into my Payoneer account?

        Osman 3 years ago Reply

        • Attach Your Payoneer Bank details with your PayPal account and make your paypal account verified. Then deposit some bucks in your PayPal go to Ebay and Pay with your paypal.

          How Updates 3 years ago Reply

  • Assalam o alaikum Luqman bhai
    mera payoneer account ko month hogaya he lekin abhi tak approve nahi hua

    Fahad 3 years ago Reply

  • bhai aghar account bnatay waqat company ki option ati hai aur main kam nai karta to udhar kya likhon aur NIC No# ka aur account title pay kya likhoon

    Hassan Ahmed 3 years ago Reply

  • i have received my payoneer card but cant linked it with paypal. i mentioned cyprus country? kindly give me any directions

    muhammad muvia 3 years ago Reply

  • And how you are supposed to do the “address verification process” after the activation of AML (anti money laundering) from Paypal??

    dj 3 years ago Reply

  • I read your article and applied for DebitCard. Now want to know about US Payment Request. How to activate it? please help.
    Looking forward.

    jamil ur rehman 3 years ago Reply

  • Thanks a lot Bro!

    Muhammad Ali 3 years ago Reply

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