How do touchscreen work ?

Keypads are yesterday’s technology. Today, touchscreens rule the market. Devices with screens that respond to the user’s touch are now our go-to gadgets for communication, information, and entertainment. While buttons, keys, and trackballs remain useful, the keypad as we know it looks headed for the nonessential list.

Touchscreen technology looks awfully complicated, but a glimpse underneath your device’s responsive screen reveals nothing but simplicity, beauty, and dashes of technical smarts. Touchscreen technology comes in many varieties, but two functional types stand out. Your phone probably owns a capacitive touchscreen, while your car’s GPS device possibly features resistive technology.

Capacitive Touchscreens 

Capacitive touchscreens make use of the user’s own electrical charge to detect touch points. An insulating surface covers layers of conductive metal arranged in rows.

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How to Score Extra Cloud Storage from Dropbox

Over the last few years, it’s become increasingly clear that the safest place you can store backup copies of your important files is in the cloud. Located offsite and immune to disasters like house fires and computer theft, your online files can also be accessed from any computer, anywhere. Like so many other Internet-based services, however, no one wants to pay for cloud storage if it’s avoidable. Luckily, some of the major cloud-based companies offer decent bonuses for joining and easy ways for you to bolster your online hard drive without spending a dime.


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud-based storage services among consumers, and it’s easy to access from a number of different places–including

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How To Set-Up And Run WhatsApp On PC Windows

Do you frequently send text messages to family and friends in various parts f the world? Then you must not just quickly become a big fan of WhatsApp, but also its devoted user. WhatsApp is a free messaging service or application that’s available to all major mobile phone operating systems including Android, iPhones, smartphones, Windows Phone devices and certain Nokia phones that use Symbian (Belle and Anna). Besides, you can now even install WhatsApp on Windows 7 or 8 Operating System on your PC. Normally, using WhatsApp offers a lot of convenience as you won’t have to pay for individual messages that you traditionally were sending through your mobile phones. It enables you to save resources as you’ll only be chatting with everyone while using only one chat program provided

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How to Use Google Page Speed

The way that your website works for your visitors matters. Sites that download quickly are perceived as being better than those that download slowly. You may only get a few seconds of their time before they navigate off the page and go elsewhere. Google’s add-on for Firefox users, Page Speed, can help you analyze pages and sites to see where improvements may need to be made. How does this program work and what can it tell you?


How to Use Page Speed


Once you’ve downloaded Google Page Speed it will be lodged in the Tools folder within Firefox. To use the program you simply need to:


1. Go to Tools, Firebug, Open Firebug.

2. Click on the tab marked Page Speed to open up the tool.

3. Go the web page/site on which you

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Seven Fantastic Comment Management WordPress Plugins

Once your blog starts getting more than ten comments a day, you’ll want to install a few WordPress plugins that can help you manage them. A comments system is a fantastic way to communicate with your customers and visitors and can help you develop a community that will last for years and years. However, the more comments there are, the more difficult it will be to manage them all. These tools should help you manage your site’s comments and keep you efficient.


1. CommentLuv


One of the benefits of a strong comment system is that it allows you to develop relationships with other sites. CommentLuv further strengthens this process by fetching the latest posts on a commenter’s blog and gives the option to append it to the end

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