How to make Ubuntu Style Lockscreen of Android Phones

In this article i will explain how to make Ubuntu Style Lockscreen of your anroid phone? Ubuntu is a free Operating system by Google. It is lightning fast, light and Visually sound operating system. Now if you have Android Phone, you can make your lock screen beautiful like Ubuntu. Ubuntu Lockscreen App, is derived from the Ubuntu Touch OS, a standalone operating system that completely revamps your Android device, turning it into a PC-like powerhouse.

Ubuntu Style Lockscreen – Tutorial

»Step 1

Download Ubuntu Lockscreen from Google Play.

»Step 2

If there is any launcher is installed in your android device by default, you need to disable it by default. In my Galaxy Grand, Touchwiz Home is enabled by default.

Go to Settings > Application Manager > All and find TouchWiz Home or any

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How to Create and Verify Paypal in Pakistan?


I’m going to explain how to create and verify a Paypal account in Pakistan. Officially PayPal do not allow users from Pakistan and some countries to register on their payment gateway. Since there are millions of online companies which only accept Paypal as payment gateway. Therefore I am going to show you how you can make Paypal account in Pakistan and how can you verify it ! It is an illegal trick but you can use it for emergency purposes.

How to create and verify Paypal account in Pakistan

Just follow the step by step guide below to get your Verified Paypal Account. You will also get Virtual Bank Account in USA and 1 Master Debit Card for free You will be able to use that debit card to cashout your

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