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There are many plugins available out there but the all in one SEO pack WordPress is by far the best of the lot. Performing website optimization with this tool is pretty simple.

A beginner with no knowledge of this tool can lay their hands on it and play around. So, far it has been downloaded fourteen million times which speaks volume about its performance and popularity among SEO developers.

That said it is just not enough to install the SEO plugin WordPress. You need to know how to effectively use it for maximum advantage. In this section we will review the crucial components of AIO SEO plugin WordPress.

These options will surely help you to get a better foothold on the plugin. Do this right and you are well on your way to spin some heads out there.


The setting of the home page

You cannot do many changes with the general settings. It is inbuilt and cannot be modified. The game starts from the home page. There are three options that you have to fill in: the home title, home description and the home keywords.

The names are self explanatory. Make sure that you use minimum of five keywords in the keyword section. This is very vital as this will play a crucial role in deciding the rank of your website.

Make sure that you don’t repeat keywords. Other than enabling the keyword section you should make a tick mark to all the options that are presented with the question mark. Keep the title settings as default. No need to make any changes with it either.

Settings of custom post

This is a higher option and not meant for beginners. If you are familiar with the SEO world then enable it or else leave it as it is. Also make a tick mark in the advanced option button. Enable posts in the third option as well.

Display Settings

This is a very interesting feature. It shows settings of all options in one place. You can check on the posts, admin bar and pages. If you want the display on the top menu, you have to enable the last option in the display settings.

Webmaster verification

This is just a plain formality. Here you need to enter all the verification codes such as Bing, Google and Pinterest. This will be assigned to you when you submit your site to respective search engines mentioned earlier.

Google Settings:

Typically when you search in Google it will show you the photo of the author below the search result. In this setting Google will assist you to display your photo below the post in any search results. To do this you need to have an account in Google+ and have to claim Google authorship of Google as well. AIO is simply superb because of the fact it supports analytics as well. You need to confirm your Google analytics identification to get this feature.

Noindex settings

This is a little complicated. Noindex option necessary means that your posts or updates will not be indexed in Google search. It requests the robots to overlook your items. This is a very good option if you want to avoid duplicity of your data, posts or updates. After the Default to nofollow you have to tick all the options.

Advances Settings

The first option is this category can be tweaked with. This is by default similar. Make a tick mark to the second option. Paginated page option will ensure that it automatically removes the latter half of a long post which does not fit in to the first page. Other than this you need to leave all other options as it is.

Settings of extra feature

Click on to the feature manager and enable both social and xml. Post that you need to go to the xml sitemap; you will find many other options here. Dont’ forget to enable the following options:

  • Post type
  • Sitemap indexes
  • Notify Bing and Google
  • Author page

Similarly disable the following options:

  • Pagination sitemap
  • Taxonomies

Meta Settings:

This is a new addition to the latest plugin. Social media drives a lot of traffic for your website and most company has an official social media page.

You need to give all your social media information details to this section. This will link you website along with other Social media endeavours that you are running at the moment. You should do the following in this section:

  1. Enter the details of your profile admin ID and site name
  2. Enable both option below this option
  3. There will be an option to upload image which will be our featured image

Well this is pretty much the basic things that you need to know to get a head start in your SEO campaign. Try all this and you will definitely show some good results in the ranking of your page.

That said it will still take some time to master it. The best way to do it is to make your hands dirty and learn through experience.

The more mistakes you do, the more you will learn. There are certain options in the AIP SEO plugin WordPress which needs time to understand. With enough practice you will be easily able to master this.

Pros and Cons:

For a person who is trying to run his own search engine optimization campaign, this is a great tool. You don’t need to run to an SEO expert to see changes. Pretty simple to operate and very good efficiency are definitely the plus point of this plugin. Also, you don’t need to spend a penny for SEO. Of course with the premium option you have to spend a bit. But, at the same time it comes with more features and more customization options.

That said it has few drawbacks too. For instance it is only meant for SEO plugin WordPress. It’s an action packed software and at times it is annoying to find that certain things are predefined and you don’t have a say at it. Customizing options are less until and unless you opt for a premium option.

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