How to install WordPress on any Host? (Manually)

Lets start discussion about wordpress installation. In this article i will show you how to install wordpress on any host. It doesn’t matter that you purchased hosting from HostGator, BlueHost or DreamHost, If you read this article you can install wordpress on any webhosting using FTP.

How to Install WordPress on Any Host

Tools you required to install wordpress on your hosting server are:

Ok lets suppose you have everything. Now its time to install the wordpress on your hosting server. Run the Filezilla on your system and paste your ip address, username of cpanel and password of cpanel in the required boxes, Leave the Port box and click on the Quickconnect button.

wp installation

If everything is correct filezilla be connected with your hosting server and you will be able to see the directories of your server. Now double click the public_html Directory to move inside the directory.

wordpress installation 2

Delete everything inside the directory public_html. It must be empty.

Wordpress installation 3

Ok now Extract the WordPress Script files on the desktop in a New Folder. Select all the files and drag them into the Empty Directory of the server (Public_html).

wordpress installation file dragging

It will start uploading the files to the Hosting Server. It may take upto 20 minutes. Lets create MySQL database till then. Go to your cPanel and login. Find Databases Section and click on MySQL Databases.

wordpress installation 4

Find Create New Database type the name of the database and click Create Database button.

database create wordpress installation

On the next page click on the Back button and scroll down. Find Add New User and type the name of the user you want, password and retype the password, click on Create User button.

user create wordpress installation

On the next page, Click on the back button. Now scroll down again and find Add User to Database Select the most recently created User and Database and click on the Add button.

add users to database

Now on the next page checkmark ALL PRIVILEGES and click on Make Changes Button.

adding use and db

Click on Go Back Button and your MySQL Database is created Successfully. Now have a look on FileZilla. All of the files should be complete till now.  If it is still uploading the files then let it be complete. Once the filezilla finish its work, Go to your domain. You will see a page like below.

wp default page

Ok simply click on the button Create a Configuration File. On the next page wordpress will inform you that you required Database Username, Password and local host to install the wordpress. Since we have done that part by creating MySQL database, So just click on Lets Go. On the next page Type Database username, MySql Username, MySQL Password and in the Database Host box, just type localhost. Leave the Table prefix box as it is and click on Submit Button.

database entry

On the next page, Click on Run the Install button. Now You Type your Website Title/Niche, Admin username, Admin password Twice, Admin Email address and checkmark the button to Allow search engine to show your blog in search results. Once you done everything click on Install WordPress

wp information needed

Ok Congractulations, WordPress has been installed on your Webhosting. Go to you to manage your blog. If this article help you please comment below and share this article with your friends.

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