How To Set-Up And Run WhatsApp On PC Windows

Do you frequently send text messages to family and friends in various parts f the world? Then you must not just quickly become a big fan of WhatsApp, but also its devoted user. WhatsApp is a free messaging service or application that’s available to all major mobile phone operating systems including Android, iPhones, smartphones, Windows Phone devices and certain Nokia phones that use Symbian (Belle and Anna). Besides, you can now even install WhatsApp on Windows 7 or 8 Operating System on your PC. Normally, using WhatsApp offers a lot of convenience as you won’t have to pay for individual messages that you traditionally were sending through your mobile phones. It enables you to save resources as you’ll only be chatting with everyone while using only one chat program provided you have an internet connection.

So, if you use mobile for the most part f the day, then WhatsApp is truly a boon for you when it comes to communication with different people from any part of the universe. To obtain WhatsApp on your Windows you need to first download WhatsApp for Windows and install the BlueStacks-App-Player; a free application that resembles Android apps on your PC. It is possible to use BlueStacks to run so many Android applications and games via a windowed-interface on your PC.


Downloading and Setting up BlueStacks


Funnily enough, the developers of WhatsApp never made a big deal out of the WhatsApp download for Windows, since originally it was developed for use on a tablet or smartphone. This implies that you will have to go through a considerably small level of hassle for you to install the WhatsApp on Windows. Below are the steps that you will have to follow:

You can install the BlueStacks by typing (the official website of BlueStacks) on your browser or search engine. You will get all the latest versions from here. Only download the BlueStacks for windows (the one which has the Windows logo beside it, depending on the type of Windows you use).

Once you’ve installed the BlueStacks, the home screen will appear. On that home screen, you’ll find that WhatsApp is already installed and you can see it located on the lower right corner of the home screen, but you will have to uninstall it. If you move your cursor over it, some options will appear, click on Settings. On the settings, click on Manage Applications, then WhatsApp, and then click on Delete, Continue and then Done.

Go back to the home screen, click on the Application’s Search icon and search for “WhatsApp”. Checking on the list of results you should be able to see the WhatsApp Messenger at the very top result. Now, click “install”. If you are not able to find the WhatsApp Messenger in the BlueStacks search, or even if the installation fails, go and download WhatsApp APK file directly from the official website. Once you’ve downloaded it, right-click on the icon and select “Open With” and then select BlueStacks-APK-Handler. Then click OK and wait for some time for the WhatsApp to be installed in the BlueStacks.

Once installed, you’ll get a notification that the installation is successful. Now, launch it and then select your home-country or country of residence, followed by your phone number. WhatsApp will then, through the phone number you’ve provided, try to send you a SMS verification message from with a verification code, which you’ll have to enter in the text box provided. If the SMS fails, which is likely, you’ll be provided with the option to be contacted through your phone by clicking on “Call me” button just below the text box. Your phone automatically will ring and you’ll hear a recorded message that will read the code for you. Once you’ve correctly entered in the code in the text box, you will be asked to enter your name and you can even add your profile picture, but only if you prefer to do so.

Upon clicking “Continue”, all your contacts list from the phone will be loaded depending on your phone’s contacts of the number that you provided, but remember that only those contacts which have WhatsApp installed will be loaded. You can now click any one of the contacts to start your conversation exactly the same way you normally do on your mobile device. You’ll also be notified that WhatsApp is only free for one month, after which you’ll have to pay some amount on a yearly basis (normally € 0.89 per year).

You are also allowed to switch between the emoticons and keyboard by using the icon that’s found next to the message input box. With WhatsApp you can share files, send videos, photos and audio by simply clicking on the paper-clip icon located on the top right corner.

It is also possible to fully customize your personal details or profile in such a way that you can utilize WhatsApp on Windows for other numerous purposes. For example, you can you can easily hide some particular information if you prefer to restrict other peoples’ access to such information. This allows you to make use of WhatsApp for other purposes such as business among other functions which necessitate limited exposure of both personal and business or corporate contacts.


What if someone you want to chat with doesn’t use WhatsApp?


Invite them to join. Once they have joined WhatsApp, they will get a message from you that contains the download location link. In fact, you can make the invitation more personal by customizing it. Actually using WhatsApp is one of the easiest, cheapest, most convenient and straightforward means of communicating. There’s a lot much to it though the functionality may vary slightly across the different mobile platforms used by different people who are already using WhatsApp. It is also possible to form a group chat so that multiple people are able to see all the messages, including broadcast messages being sent to and fro.

This is an application that you can’t miss to have especially with the obvious benefit that helps you reduce the daily or monthly bills that you have to incur while paying for the phone messages. In addition, the texts are instantaneous. You may have also realized that this download is easy to set up and even use. Actually the app works more or less the same as most messengers, meaning that if you are already using a SMS or messenger service, then using WhatsApp will not be a headache for you in any way.

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