How to install wordpress Plugins?

WordPress is a very powerful Blogging Platform. Every self hosted WordPress blogger should know about WordPress plugin installation. You can find thousands of WordPress plugins. Mostly of them are free but some of them are paid. WordPress offers two ways to install plugins. Here in this article I’m going to explain both of them.

  • WordPress Dashboard
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

In dashboard method you can search plugins from dashboard, find, install and activate them. Whereas in the FTP method you have to download plugin from a third party site, upload it from dashboard and activate it. In simple words FTP is an auto installation method and WordPress Dashboard is a manual installation method.

Install plugins from Dashboard

I prefer WordPress Dashboard installation. Its an easy way to search, find, install and activate your plugin. It is also good for your internet bandwidth, since you don’t have to download the plugin. Login to WP Dashboard, Go to plugins and click on Add New.


Ok now you will see a page to search your plugin. If you already know the name of the plugin, type the name and search. I am going to install the plugin AdRotate. When you search for the plugin it will look like this.

plugin installation

Now click on the Install Now button or if you want to read the details and want to see the screen shots for the plugin, click on the Details button. If you are not sure about the plugin you looking for, For example if you are looking for social icons, and you dont know the plugin name you can search Social Icons and now you should read the details and see the screen shots to make sure this is the plugin you looking for. I already know about this plugin so i am going to install it directly, by clicking on Install Now button. Once you find the right plugin, click on Install now and once the plugin is installed click on Activate Plugin.

Another Way to install plugin from Dashboard

Another way to install plugins from Dashboard is by uploading the file. If you have the plugin downloaded in your system, you can upload it and install it. Login to your WP Dashboard, Go to Plugins >> Add New. Click on Choose File, and select the path to the plugin file and click Open. Activate the plugin and its done!


Install plugins from FTP method

Another method to install WordPress plugins is by FTP. This is a very useful trick for the users, using themes which doesn’t support plugin installation from Dashboard, or their servers doesn’t allow them to install the plugins from Dashboard. Anyways this is a complicated trick to copy the plugin file from FTP Client¬†or cPanel File Manager. Lets suppose you have the plugin downloaded in your PC. Now login your ftp using FileZilla or any FTP client you using. Go to the plugin director, Normally it is wp-content/plugins. Extract the plugin file and upload the extracted file to the plugins directory of hosting server. Once the file is uploaded, go to the WP Dashboard, Click on plugins and activate the plugin you copied to the server using FTP Client.


I prefer the Dashboard way, to install the WP plugins. Since it is easy and time saving way. However in some cases i required to install the plugins from FTP method. If you are a newbie to WordPress, this guide will help you to install your plugins. If you still have any questions in your mind do let me know via comments.

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