How to Create VCC? (Virtual Credit Card)

I got a question from a user that how to create VCC (Virtual Credit Card) for free? So, in this article I’m going to show you guyz how you can create a VCC.

How to create VCC?

  1. Go to  Click the Signup button.
  2. Go ahead put the details, make sure your details are not of USA. If you live in usa, just choose another country as your home country. Put the details, and click on Get Your Card.
  3. Now you have to topup your card, Simply put the details of your credit card to topup Entropay VCC. Once your VCC successfully credited, you will be able to view the details of your VCC.
  4. Its done you have your VCC, you can find it in your account, you can change the registered name on your VCC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is VCC?

VCC means Virtual Credit Card, it can only be used online for sale and purchase.

Q. Where can i use this VCC?

You can use it om online stores like walmart, ebay, amazon etc. You can also use it to make your paypal account or payza account verified.

Q. What is the billing address of my VCC?

There is no billing address for the VCC. You can put any address,  as a billing address.


If you still have any questions, you can post them below. I am always here for your help. Please share this post with your friends to help them.


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  • You told me that getting a vcc is free but it needs topup to get the card..

    mazhar majeed 4 years ago Reply

    • You don’t have to pay for it. So the registering is free. But VCC Top up may cost you since money is not free!

      M Luqman 4 years ago Reply

  • I need you to ask some questions about VCC.. May I?

    Mutiara 4 years ago Reply

  • Hello,

    I have made an entropay account from Pakistan. I have uploaded all the necessary documents and my account status is now Premier. I have successfully verified and added my source funding credit card acquired from the local bank.

    However whenever I try to topup my entropay VCC card account with my local Pakistan credit card, the transaction never completes and my account goes in a restricted and blocked state.

    Can you confirm you have added funds to your entropay VCC card using a local Pakistan bank credit card and the transaction was successfully completed, and further onwards you were able to use your VCC for online shopping.


    Faisal Hasan 3 years ago Reply

    • I topped up Entropay using payoneer but never tried any local card.

      M Luqman 3 years ago Reply

      • @M luqman
        I’ve been trying to upload fund into my Entropay using Payoneer but I am unable to add fund. Entropay also tried to deduct £1 from my Payoneer said Payoneer is not allowing Entropay to deduct any money.
        Will you kindly tell me whole process how you uploaded fund on Entropay & how much you’ve uploaded with all uploading details so that I can do the same..

        Thank you,

        (( I am also from Pakistan I have fully verified Entropay and have Payoneer from over a year ))

        qwerty 3 years ago Reply

  • umer hassan sb which credit card you try for top up in entropay from pakistan

    rana 3 years ago Reply

  • I Have made an account on entropay ,and topped up with the local Pakistani bank credit card ,had no problems

    sweety 3 years ago Reply

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