How to Create a Forum?

Most of the online users want to create an online discussion forum! But because of know proper tutorial or no knowledge, they can’t do that. So i have decided to show you guys how you can Create an online forum and start managing it! First of all, you should know what forum is actually?

What is Forum?

Forum is an online platform where users can discuss on any topic related to the forum. Where users are able to create account post threads, post comments, and also where users can sell/buy anything. There are alot of online forums which related to different Niche. PTC Related forum eMoneySpace, Vehicles related forum PakWheels. So, if you want to have your own forum, lets start how you can have it.

How to create a forum?

Just follow the step by step guide below to have your own forum.

  1. First of all you have to Register a domain, related to the niche/title of the forum you want.
  2. Buy the hosting for your domain , and setup the DNS to the domain registrar to point your domain to the host.
  3. Ok now the domain has been pointed to the host, Its time to install the forum script to the hosting cPanel. There are alot of Forum Script provider vBulletin, phpBB, myBB etc. But i strongly recommend myBB, because its 100% free, open source and there are thousands of plugins, templates and widgets are available online for free. You can integrate mybb forum intro any script. Alot of plugins to stop spam, and you also can develop plugins yourself for mybb since it is an open source forum script.
  4. Ok now download the latest version of myBB forum script. Upload the script files to your hosting cpanel. Now install the script, you can find installation tutorial in the documentation files of the script.
  5. Ok now you have installed the myBB script in your hosting server, its time to install the theme. You can find alot of themes here, or you can search on google to find more myBB themes.
  6. Now you have to install some plugins to the forum. I recommend to install Registration Security QuestionGoodbye Spammer and Akismet. These plugins are really very strong to stop 100% spam on your forum. Only genuine users will be able to join your forum if you install these plugins. There are alot of more awesome plugins are available, which you can find in my other articles.
  7. Ok, So here you go, your forum is ready and its time to spread your forum in friends, social networks and in other forums to get users. You can read myBB documents to learn how to manage your forum. Enjoy being an Admin of a forum.


If you still have any questions, you can post them below. I am always here for your help. Please share this post with your friends to help them.

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