How to configure WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast?

WordPress SEO plugin by yoast is the most advanced and the Best SEO Plugin currently. It have the best features for Onpage SEO. All in One SEO plugin is a competitive of Yoast SEO Plugin, but it is not much advanced and powerfull as compare to WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. Joost de Valk is the author of WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. He integrated the features of some other plugins in Yoast SEO Plugin. You can find features of RSS Footer Plugin, Robots Meta and much more  in this Advanced Plugin. All of these plugins are developed by Joost de Valk.

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

  • Link to WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast: Click Here.
  • If you don’t know how to install WordPress Plugins, read this guide. How to install wordpress Plugins?
  • Once you install WordPress SEO by yoast plugin, activate it and follow the step by step guide below to configure WordPress SEO Plugin.

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

I already wrote a guide on SEO which you can find here, SEO Beginners Guide. So i am not going into the details of SEO. Yoast SEO Plugin plays an important role in onpage SEO of your blog. However configuring this plugin is not an easy task for a newbie. So, thats why this guide will help you to understand this plugin. Let me update you with the features of WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

  • You can Verify your Blog on Alexa, Google Webmaster Tool and Bing Webmaster Tool.
  • You can use Custom Meta Titles, description and keywords for each post.
  • You can clean up your Blog <head> from RSS, RSD and WLW Manifest Links.
  • You can connect to social networks, E.g. Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • You can generate XML Sitemaps using this plugin.
  • You can edit your Permalinks settings.
  • You can get control on the internal links of your blog.
  • You can use links back to your blog in RSS Feeds Footer.
  • You can import settings from other SEO Plugins, Also once you done configuring SEO Plugin by yoast, you can export the settings as a backup.
  • You can edit Robots.txt file and .htaccess file from Dashboard.

Ok now lets get started with the configuration.

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast Configuration

Install the WordPress SEO Yoast Plugin and activate it. Make sure to uninstall All in One or any other SEO plugin if you are using. Only use single SEO plugin don’t go for multiple.

» WordPress SEO Dashboard Configuration

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast Dashboard

Now Go to the Plugin’s Dashboard first. There you can find the options to verify your Blog on Google, Bing and Alexa while submitting sitemap there. From there it is easy to verify your Blog, you dont have to upload the file to verify, all you have to do is to paste the meta code provided by those Webmaster tools and save it and hit the verify button there. Also have a look on the tutorials below.

» WordPress SEO Titles & Metas Configuration

Once you done configuring the Dashboard, click on Titles & Metas. This is most important part of this plugin. You can find Help tab there. Make sure to have a look at it, You can find and understand some important tags which you have to use in while configuring Titles & Metas.

WordPress SEO Plugin title and metas

Ok so in the screenshot above you can have a look at my General tab settings of Titles & Metas. As in the features above i wrote that you can clean up your head links through this plugin so here you can checkmark anything you want to clean up from the <head>. I have checkmarked all of the links because i want a clear <head> tag. In Stewide meta settings i have checked mark to noindex subpages, which will help crawlers to understand that they don’t have to index my subpages and archive pages. I checked mark Use meta keyword tags because it allows me to put meta keywords of every post, which is much powerfull for Onpage SEO.

WordPress SEO Plugin Home

Ok now Here are the settings of Home tab. In the Title Template Simply type the title of your blog you want. In the Meta description type a little brief of your blog of 150-200 characters. In the Meta keywords, type a few keywords for your blog.

WordPress SEO Plugin Post Type

To configure this part, you must have a look at Help section first. There you can find the tags i used to configure Post Types part. Or you can use the settings of mine. Here are my settings of Post Types tab.


Title Template: %%title%%
Meta Description Template: %%excerpt%%
Meta Keywords template: %%focuskw%%
Uncheck all of the Options below.


Title template: %%title%% %%page%%
Meta description template: %%excerpt%%
Meta keywords template: %%focuskw%%
Uncheck all of the Options below.


Title template: %%title%%
Meta description template: Leave the box empty
Meta keywords template: Leave the box empty
Uncheck all of the Options below.

Ok So once you done with Post Types, click on texonomies tab. There you can configure Categories, Tags and Format. Well just checkmark all of the noindex, follow and hide boxes. Because it is good to keep them no indexing in google and other searchengines. Leave the rest as default. Below is the settings i am using for Texanomies Section.


Title Template: %%term_title%% Archives %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%
Meta Description Template: Leave the box empty
Meta Keywords template: Leave the box empty
Check the Noindex, Follow and Hide boxes.


Title template: %%term_title%% Archives %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%
Meta description template: Leave the box empty
Meta keywords template: Leave the box empty
Check the Noindex, Follow and Hide boxes.


Title template: %%term_title%% Archives %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%
Meta description template: Leave the box empty
Meta keywords template: Leave the box empty
Check the Noindex, Follow and Hide boxes.

Now only Others tab left. There you can configure the meta settings for Author Archives and Other Archive Data. I prefer to checkmark noindex, follow and leave the rest as it is.

» WordPress SEO Social Configuration

Here you can configure the meta settings of Facebook Open Graph. You can also connect your Fb admin account here. I will cover the facebook Open graph meta data in the upcoming articles. All you have to do there is Checkmark Add Open Graph meta data and Connect your Facebook page admin account. Paste the url of your page in the required box and you are done.

» WordPress SEO XML Sitemaps Configuration

Here you can generate your xml sitemap. But i prefer to not to use this sitemap. Use google Sitemap plugin. Read the article below to understand what is Sitemap, How to create WordPress Sitemap and what are the uses of Sitemap.

» WordPress SEO Permalinks Configuration

Best SEO Plugin

Here you can configure your permalinks in more advanced way. In the above screenshot you can have a look at the settings i am using for this section. Just checkmarked the 4 Settings you can see in screenshot and leave the rest as it is and click on the Save Settings button.

» WordPress SEO Internal Links Configuration

If your theme does not have the options of Breadcrumbs, You can enable them from this plugin. Breadcrumbs are useful for Search Engines and your readers to understand the structure of your blog easily. However i am not using Breadcrumbs option from this plugin since my theme have built in Breadcrumbs option.

» WordPress SEO RSS Configuration

In this section you can add a link back to your Post in the RSS Feeds footer. You can also put advertisement in the footer of your RSS Feeds. Just leave it with the default settings of RSS Links. In the Contents to put after each post: box paste this. The post %%POSTLINK%% appeared first on %%BLOGLINK%%. Done!

» WordPress SEO Import & Export Configuration

In this section you can import the settings from other plugins such as All in one SEO Plugin, Woothemes SEO plugin and other famous SEO Plugins. Once you done with the settings of WordPress SEO Yoast Plugin, export the settings from this section and save it as a backup. Or you can import these settings if you are planning to change your SEO Plugin.

» WordPress SEO Edit Files Configuration

In this section you can edit your .htaccess file and Robots.txt file from your dashboard. Below you can find a usefull article for configuring Robots.txt File. Make sure to have a look on article below to understand the Robots.txt else a single mistake here can completely remove your blog presence from search engines.


Are you All in One SEO user? Give a try to WordPress SEO Yoast, you’ll fall in love with it. I hope this guide will help you to configure WordPress SEO Plugin. If i miss anything here or you required my help about anything, please let me know via comments. Stumble this post and G+ it to let more people find this post.


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    I’m having a problem because I noticed that when I searched for my site in Google the search results were showing the info I setup in my title and tagline area under the setting/general area instead of my wordpress seo plugin setting? any ideas? do I need to unclick force rewrite title?

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