What is Alexa? How to submit your blog to Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Ranking is a California-based company of Amazon. It provides commercial web traffic data. Alexa is the best tool to measure your blog’s popularity comparing to other blogs/websites. Alexa get traffic data from millions of internet users, which are using Alexa Toolbar, and from some other sources. Remember, alexa never provide original site results or ranks. I depend on the users of your blog which are using Alexa Toolbar. For example if you have 1k visitor a day and only 100 visitors are using Alexa toolbar, then alexa will count only 200 visitors. So if you want to list you blog in Alexa Ranking, Follow the step by step guide below.

How to submit your blog to Alexa?

Go to Alexa.com and click on Create an Account. Type youe Email and Nickname, Click on register.

alexa register form

Once you click on register, Alexa will send you an email with an anchor text to verify you are the owner of email, Go and click on that anchor text to verify your ownership.

alexa anchor text

Once you click on that anchor link, you will be redirected to Alexa and there alexa will ask you to setup your pasword, Type your password twice and click on Submit Password Button. After submitting password you will be auto logged in your account. Click on Dashboard from the menu. On the dashboard page, you will find an option to add your website, Click on Add it now.

alexa dashboard website adding

Alexa will offer you for plans, the first one is free and the others are premium. You can read features of each plan or if you want to save your money then go for free one. I am going for free one. Click on signup button under the free listening.  Type the url of your website and click on continue. Alexa will ask you to download a file and upload it on the root of your hosting server. Download that file.

download alexa verification file

Login to your hosting server via cPanel or FTP. Copy this file to public_html directory.

ftp file dragging alexa

Once the files is transferred to root directory, go back to alexa and click on verify button.

Alexa File Verification

Now click on Continue. Type the details of your blog. Title, Description, Rank of the country, and details of the ownership if you want. These details are not necessary. You can also skip the page or if you want to public these details you can type and click on Save and Continue. Congratulations, you have added your website to alexa. Now alexa will start getting data for your website and you can check your site rank on Alexa Ranking. Also have a look on,


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  • So does Alexa Ranking really matters? I just added my website to alexa!

    Usama Arshad 4 years ago Reply

    • Nop Alexa does not really matters for your blog SEO/anything , just you can check your blog ranking comparing to others.

      M Luqman 4 years ago Reply

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