How to Decrease Bounce Rate and Increase Pageviews


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Increasing Pageviews And decreasing the bounce rate are two very important things, if you manage to fix one of these 2 things other one will improve automatically. In this tutorial I’m going to explain how you can do this.

First of all you should have knowledge about Pageviews and Bounce Rate. So you can find a little description about it below.

What are Pageviews?

pageviewsPageViews are the record of how much your contents/posts has been viewed by a single user. For example you’re reading this article right now, So that’s one Pageview from you and if you click any of the suggested post or about us page that will be the second Pageview and so on. You can increase your pageviews by doing Quality SEO. You can have a look on some articles below to increase your knowledge about Search Engine Optimization.

What is Bounce Rate?

bounce rateBounce rate is calculated by the % of your visitor that visited your Website/Blog and left it without even going to second page, a bounce rate can tell a lot and help you to improve your user experience. Bounce rate should be control, If your bounce rate is increasing day by day the chances of getting hit by Google Penguin will increase for sure.

If you can manage to fix one of the thing, the second one will improve automatically.

How to Increase PageViews and Decrease the Bounce Rate?

There are lot of ways and tricks to complete this task but I’m going to share a few which are most important. You can find all of my favourite tricks to decrease the bounce rate below.

1. Interlink Related Posts

If you’re writing a post on Link building strategies and previously you wrote on what backlinks are you can interlink them to each other because you know if the user is interested in link building strategies he/she will be interested in basics of SEO practices and he will click on that link so you will get one more PageView from the same user. Getting more PageViews and interlinking post is also good for SEO because it let page rank pass through.

2. High Quality Content

This is one of the point you should say “Duhh” on because you know what they say “First Impression is the Last Impression” So if you have a first time visitor on your blog reading not one of your best post, a bad impression will be created and not only they’ll not go any further in your blog and leave but the chances are they’ll never comeback.

3. Easy Navigation

Making your blog look good is one thing and making it look like a Christmas tree is one, it’s not wrong to pay attention on design but always make easy navigation your priority and make the blog as much user-friendly as it can be.

4. Related Post

This is much like interlinking but don’t worry you will not have to do this manually, both WordPress and Blogger has great plugin which shows the most relevant related contented in your sidebar, bottom of the content, middle of the content or where ever you configured it show, For WordPress users who don’t know how to add plugins, watch this tutorial of learn. How To Install WordPress Plugins.

5. Don’t Annoy Your Audience

Don’t use cheap parlour tricks to get fans to your page or subscriber to your list like pop ups, this annoys the hell out of your reader and they’ll just most likely to leave your site and never come back because you’re not the only providing answers to their questions .
Loading Time
Use only relevant and small size pictures in your blog post, your site loading time should maximum be 2.5 seconds if you ask me, you can check it on

6. Don’t Do Ad Bombardment

I know ads are important for your blog but what good are they if you don’t have any visitor, I reccemond to use 2 ads boxes in a single page, one in a sidebar and one in header or anywhere in between article.

7. Boring Article

If you’re planning to write a long article then please split the article, don’t just write one huge paragraph with no pictures your user will flea back to Google to find other blogs (I know I do) use sub headings and relevant images like we did in this article and every other article.


So, My tricks to decrease the bounce rate are listed above. I hope you also got some private tricks. I will love to know about them and will appreciate if you share them in the comments below.


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