How to Create 404 Error Page using CloudFlare?

404 error pageThe 404 Error Page or Not Found error message is a response from the server, that the requested Page/Url not found on the web. The most likely cause of this error is mistyped URL, change in URL or the requested URL may be deleted. If your blog do not have a 404 Error Page then there are chances of loosing readers because when a user click a link and encounter a “404 Not Found” error, he’ll simply click on the back button and try another web. So, you must have a user friendly 404 Error Page on your blog. In this article I’m going to explain, How CloudFlare can be a useful tool to create a 404 Error page for you? I already wrote a complete guide on CloudFlare so i am not going into CloudFlare details. You can find my CloudFlare article by clicking he link below.

How to Create a 404 Error Page using CloudFlare Apps?

CloudFlare is not only a CDN (Content Delivery Network), It is much more then it. CloudFlare offering there users to activate Applications on their server through CloudFlare Network. You can activate more then 35 3rd Party Apps on your server through CloudFlare. You can install applications in fast and easy way in a few clicks of mouse. cloudflare apps free To create a 404 Error Page through CloudFlare, your must install CloudFlare CDN on your Server. You can find a complete Guide on How to install CloudFlare CDN in my Previous CloudFlare Article?  You can activate 404 Error page only if you install CloudFlare Manually on your Host. Once you installed CloudFlare, Login to your CloudFlare account Click on the Apps button of your Domain Tab. cloudflare apps Now you are on the CloudFlare Apps Page. Now scroll down to SmartErrors App and click on the button to activate this Application.

smarterrors cloudflare app

You’re done, now SmartErrors Application will create a 404 Error Page for you. You can view your SmartErrors by clicking the link below on your CloudFlare Apps page. You can also manually configure your 404 Error Page by through SmartErrors Dashboard.

Why SmartErrors 404 Error Page?

Why you should choose CloudFlare SmartErrors Application to create a 404 Error Page? The reason is simple, 404 error page should be user friendly. SmartErrors will let your readers search your blog on their 404 Error Page, So there are chances that user will not press back button and he’ll search for what he looking for on that 404 Page. You can find some Features of CloudFlare SmartErros App.

  • User Friendly 404 Not Found page.
  • Users can find links to your Recent Posts on 404 Page.
  • Users can search contents, on SmartErrors 404 Error Page.
  • You can track Searches on your SmartErrors Dashboard.

If you are not using CloudFlare and want to create a 404 Error Page for your blog, You can do it by configuring your .htaccess file. I wrote a detailed tutorial on it you can find it by clicking the link below.


If you have any question please let me know via comments below. Share this post with your friends on Facebook and Google Plus. If you did not install CloudFlare CDN on your blog, Install it today and i am sure you will love it.

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