Tor Browser – Hide your IP using Tor Browser

Sometimes its really irritative when you can’t access to any website because of your country policies. Or you can’t access to any website on job or in university. So is there any way, you can access to blocked websites? Yes there are alot of ways to bypass these blockage restrictions. I’m going to share how to gain access to blocked websites using Tor.

hide ip with tor
Tor is a great browser to browse anonymously. You can browse any website which is banned in your country. For example Youtube is banned in Pakistan, by using tor browser you can browse youtube at good speed then VPN. Also tor have no ads, so browse with confidence.

How to use Tor Browser?

First of all click here to download the Tor Browser Tor Browser Bundle. Install it in your computer. Go to the folder where you downloaded the Tor Browser.
Tor browser 2
Double click on Start Tor Browser. It will start connecting to tor network, once it is connected Tor browser will open up. It is identical to Mozilla Firefox, Now go to in tor browser to make sure your ip is hidden.
ip difference using tor

Browse any websites you want to browse. No matter that the website is banned in your country or not.


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