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google authorship markup

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Having a picture in Search Engine Results can surely Increase your’s blog CTR (Click Through Rate).  It is literally known as Authorship Markup or Rich Snippet. Basically it is having your Google+ picture under Google search results (Yeah, it sounds good. But it looks more good).

Rich Snippet CTR

Above in the picture is cool me, having a cool Rich Snippet in Google search results. Seeing a picture in search result can intrigue a reader to click on the link.

What is Google Authorship Markup?

Google Authorship is actually having an Image with little description about author, which is known as Meta Description in Search Engine Results. This feature is loved by readers and increase CTR extremely. Google has completely changed the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy after Authorship Concept for webmasters and bloggers. The difference between the search results with a Authorship and without it are in the screen shot below.

difference between ordinary and Rich Snippet

You can see how attractive the Rich Snippet is. It is much more prominent by the normal search Results. Some benefits of Rich Snippets are listed below.

  • Increase CTR rate of your blog and drives you more traffic.
  • Loved by both Search Engines and Readers.
  • Determines author authority ( number of followers in Google+ ).
  • The most Important benefit of Google Authorship is that it helps to fight plagiarism.

How to Setup Google Authorship Markup?

Follow below instructions to setup Google authorship markup for your WordPress blog. You must have a Google Plus account, If you don’t have you can signup for free. After signing up ask your friend to follow you on Google Plus to get some Authority. Now lets start Setting Up the Rich Snippet for your blog.

First Step – Setup Google Authorship in WordPress

First step can be done in plenty of ways. I’m going to describe three powerful methods, choose one which suits you best.

  1. Go to your blog’s “About us” or  “About me” Page and add a code ( provided below) just before </head> tag.
  2. If you don’t have “About Page” and don’t want to create a new one, just follow these instructions:
  3. Backup your blog, It is highly recommended because it requires if anything go wrong.

Go to Editor from your WordPress Dashboard. It is located at lower left hand of your screen. Dashboard >> Appearance >>Editor. Now Click on the Header (header.php) file  in your Editor and add the Code (provided below) to complete the first step of Google Authorship Markup in WordPress.

edit code for google authorship markup

Adding Code For Google Authorship

<? php if ( is_page() || is_single() ) {?>
<link rel="author" href="YOUR-GOOGLE-PROFILE-URL"/>
<?php } ?>

Note – Add Your Google+ Account URL after” href ” in code.

Second Step – Google Authorship Markup For WordPress

Now lets connect of your Google+ Account and WordPress Blog. Log In to your Google+ account. Click on About, scroll down a bit and  you will find “Links”. Click edit near to it.

Edit google+ profile to setup google authorship markup

Go to “Contribute to” section and add label and your WordPress Blog URL you want to connect with Google+.

contributor google authorship markup

Now go to “Contact Information” in your About Page. Add your email having your blog domain name. (You can create one in your hosting cPanel). I have included this step in our post of guide because I thought it is necessary to let Google know that you own the WordPress blog you are trying to connect. Click Save, and you are all done with connecting Google+ and WordPress.

Third Step – Google Authorship Markup Guide For WordPress

Third step is checking that you have done everything correct or not. Check by yourself:

  • Go to Google Rich Snippets Tool.
  • Add your WordPress blog URL and click on ” Preview “
  • If you did everything correctly, you’ll find your Rich Snippet with your blog URL in preview mode.


I have explained all possible way for Google Authorship Markup. If you have any problem or difficulty, you can comment below! P.S The process of adding your Rich Snippet in the Search engine results will take some time. As the bots and crawlers have to re index your URLs. Don’t worry it will not affect your SEO.


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