How to drive traffic from Flickr to your blog?

If you are an old Internet user, you must have heard about Flickr. Flickr is an online photo management and sharing platform. Flickr is the company of Yahoo!. You can login at Flickr with your yahoo login credentials, or if you don’t have yahoo account you can signup for free. You can get 1 TB free space on Flickr to upload your photos, if you want to increase that disk space you need to go for premium account. So, that was all about Flickr. Now lets get to the point that how you can drive traffic from flickr to your blog?

How to drive Traffic from Flickr

Well, if you are GFX designer, Photographer and you have some quality photos, you can get huge traffic from Flickr. On Flickr you can show your designing/photography work to thousands of people. I have found a little trick to grab traffic from Flickr. First of all login to your Flickr account and fill our your profile. To upload the images on Flickr, download their desktop application. Download Flickr desktop application by clicking the link below.

You can also use Flickr Android/Apple application to upload bulk images. Flickr add a nofollow attribute to all of the external links, but you can use your anchor text on Flickr to get traffic to your blog.  Watermark all of your images, you want to upload on Flickr. You can watermark all your images with any watermarking desktop tool. Upload only those images with your own copyrights, which designed/screened by you. Open the Flickr image uploader and sign in with your Flickr. Drag your images you want to upload. Add the title, tags, description and everything of each image. Use proper flickr photo tags, so the users will find your images on Flickr easily. Below is my screen shot of Flickr.

Flickr Photo Tags

Now once you put details of Each image, Select all of the images and add the description:

You have the rights to use these images buy give credits to

It will be no follow attribute link but this image will help you to drive traffic to your blog. Try to upload each image you design to get traffic from Flickr. You will also get some quality backlinks if someone use your image on his blog/website.

I am using this trick from last weak and here i am sharing a screen shot of visitors to my blog from Flickr.

flickr referrals

Though you will not get much traffic from Flickr as compare to Facebook, Stumbleupon or Digg. But you will get some quality traffic and from quick sources.


How you are getting traffic to your blog? You discover some unique ways? Do share your tricks on How to drive traffic? in the comments below. Share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and G+. Join us on our Facebook Fan Page.

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