How to download torrent?


Torrents are one of the best way to download any movie, software, cracks, games or anything you want from internet. All you need to have a torrent client and torrent file. Torrent file work with seeders and leachers/peers. Seeders are those who are uploading the torrent file from there server and leachers/peers are those who are currently downloading the torrent. So if your torrent have much seeders, you can download it at good speed 250/500 kb/s and if the torrent have alot of leachers and seeders are less then leachers you will get speed like 50 kb/s. So you should find your torrent file with lot of seeders. You can’t download torrent file without any torrent client.

Torrent Client

One of the best torrent client i found is uTorrent. It is fast and light. Also it is free. Just go to the link, click on the Get uTorrent, download it and install it on your computer and run it.

Torrent Search Engine

Since it is not easy to find your required torrents with good seeders. So, i am sharing one of the best Torrent Search Engine knows as TPB. There are millions of torrents available on ThePirateBay. You can find torrents related to cracked softwares, movies, games, scripts and almost everything. ThePirateBay also have option to list torrent from maximum seders to minimum seeders. You can read reviews about torrents before downloading it to make sure that it have the files related to your need. Options to create account and provide feedbacks to torrents. Even you can find movies dubbed in your language.


Go to


Type anything of which you want to download the torrent. Checkmark the category below of the contents of your search.


Find the torrent with maximum number of seeders. In order to find torrent with good seeders just click the top right corner SE button.


When you click on this SE button the list will re-arranged from maximum number of seeders to minimum number of seeders.

torrent dwonload 4

Now when you find the torrent you want to download with maximum number of seeders, click on it.

torrent dwonload 5

Make sure uTorrent is running, click on Get this torrent, Select the path where you want to download the files regarding your torrent and click on OK.


Your downloading is start now. Once the files are download your Torrent client will start to seeding the torrent file by uploading it like other seeders are doing. If you want to seed the files then let it be in your torrent client else you can delete it from the client. Enjoy downloading torrents.


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