How to Disable Comments on WordPress Posts

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Many WordPress bloggers like to see comments on their posts.  Comments let people voice their opinions about your content, and lots of commenting suggests a blog is successful in garnering readers’ attention. 

But let’s face it: sometimes, you don’t want others to comment on your writing– at least, not on your own website.

Perhaps you do not want your blog to be open for discussion. 

Or perhaps you want to stop a debate on a controversial post you published.  Or maybe you are too busy to respond to questions or weed out spam.  Whatever your reason, WordPress gives you the power to enforce silence on your site as far as post commenting goes.


Disabling Comments on New Posts


It is simple to disallow comments on new posts only.  From the WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > Discussion and uncheck Allow people to post comments on new articles

This will automatically turn off commenting for all new entries you publish.  You can override this global setting by editing individual posts.


Disabling Comments on Existing Posts


If you want to turn off discussion on published posts, use bulk editing to do it quickly. 

Go to Posts > All Posts. 

Select the posts you want to edit, click Bulk Edit > Edit and click Apply.   

Look for the Comments dropdown menu and choose Do not allow

Click Update.  Note that you may need to adjust filters or do a search to display the relevant posts. 

For example, if you want to disable comments for posts in “Category A” only, select that category from the View all categories dropdown list and click Filter first. 


Disabling Comments on a Single Post


Have you posted a controversial article that’s getting a lot of harsh comments?  Are you being harassed or spammed through a single entry?  Mute the trolls! 

 Go to Posts > All Posts

Find the post in question and click Quick Edit.  Uncheck Allow Comments and click Update

This action will not affect any other post, new or old.


Close Comments on Old Posts


Rather than turn off discussion altogether, you can tell WordPress to disable comments after a specific period instead. 

On the Discussion > Settings page, check Automatically close comments on articles older than x days where x is number of days.
If you enter 90, for example, WordPress will close discussion on each new post 90 days after it is published.


Why Disable Comments?


Having second thoughts?  Below are possible reasons why one might want to disallow comments. In any case, your blog belongs to you and no one else.  Don’t feel compelled to invite discussion if you don’t want to!

  • You want your WordPress site to look more like a “static” website than a blog.
  • You have no time to answer questions or comments posted to your blog.
  • You get a lot of spam that filters can’t catch.
  • You want to stop trolling or excessive debate.
  • You want to close comments on an old post.
  • You have a private blog.
  • You do not want or need discussion on your blog.

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