How can i backup contacts on Android Phone?

Smartphones are increasing day by day. Android is one of the leading Smartphone Operating System which comes with alot of features. One of the best feature in android is taking Backup of Contacts in Android Smartphones. In this article I will show you how you can backup contacts on android phone. So, lets get started.

Tutorial Backup Contacts

First of all go to your contacts page on your Android phone.

Now press the menu button of you android phone, a list will open.

Tap on Import/Export, and a new popup screen will be displayed

Tap on “Export to SD card”

Click on OK, and a new file will be saved in your SD Card directory with the name of Contacts.vcf . You can always use that file to restore your contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the benefit to create backup of my contacts?

If your Mobile phone die/loss or stole, then there is no risk to loss your contacts. You can get a new phone, put your backup file in your fone and you will be able to restore all of your contacts.

Q. How can i restore my contacts?

Both of the methods are almost same. Go to your contacts, Press the menu button, Tap on Import/Export , A new popup screen will be displayed, Tap on Import from SD Card, Remote on Import from vCard File and tap Ok, Choose your Backup file Contacts.vcf and tap on ok. Your all contacts are restored now.

Q. Can i send my backup contacts to someone else?

Yes, you can share your backup contact file to anyone you want, you can share it via email, bluetooth, nfc etc

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