SEO Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

SEO Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the utilizing of keywords and images to attain a higher ranking on search engines. It considers the most common search terms related to one’s product or service, and alters website text, images, HTML, and links to increase search engine ranks.

For example, if you owned a dog-grooming business in Vancouver and wanted to get on the first page of Google results, you’d want to strongly feature the words “dog-grooming”, “Vancouver”, “pets”, “B.C.”, and similar terms on your website. You’d want the phrases “dog-groomer in Vancouver” and “Vancouver pet-care” to appear numerous times in your blog, “About Us” page, and announcements. The reason for this is simple: search engines work by taking your search terms, and scanning websites for them. The

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Tor Browser – Hide your IP using Tor Browser

Sometimes its really irritative when you can’t access to any website because of your country policies. Or you can’t access to any website on job or in university. So is there any way, you can access to blocked websites? Yes there are alot of ways to bypass these blockage restrictions. I’m going to share how to gain access to blocked websites using Tor.

hide ip with tor
Tor is a great browser to browse anonymously. You can browse any website which is banned in your country. For example Youtube is banned in Pakistan, by using tor browser you can browse youtube at good speed then VPN. Also tor have no ads, so browse with confidence.

How to use Tor Browser?

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How to track Yahoo Invisible status?

Yahoo is one of the most popular Instant Messenger these days. Yahoo Messenger have alot of functions and Invisible Status is one of them. Its really awful, when you want to talk with your friend or he is not replying or maybe he is appearing as offline to you. Well, here i will show you how you can track your friends using online Yahoo Invisible Detectors.

Yahoo Invisible Detectors

Yahoo Detectors are actually worked on a PHP script, which is specially coded to detect Yahoo Invisibility.  Well, honestly i don’t know how accurate these detectors are but whenever i used these detectors i got 100% accurate results.

Why should i use Online Yahoo status detectors to track my friends? Simply there are other methods available but they are paid, whereas the online

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