How to Create a Hidden File on Android

Creating a hidden file on Android is quite simple. However, this method is often left disregarded because of certain reasons.

First of all, the ‘hide this file’ option is not available in the menu and secondly, it can only be done by manually renaming a document or a photo. Of course, there are apps that are purposely intended to hide or lock your files but you don’t really need one as long as you know how to do so.

In this article, you will learn how to manually hide a certain file so that it wouldn’t appear on your file manager. Basically, there are two methods of hiding a file on Android. The first method can be easily done by renaming a particular file while

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How to Backup SMS Android?

In this article I’m going to explain how to backup SMS in Android smart phones. Thats an easy and useful trick. First of all you required Go SMS Pro. Go to playstore and Search for Go SMS Pro or you can go to the link below.

Download Go SMS Pro

This is one of the best app you should have in your Android phone. It allows you to create backup for your SMS, you can use multiple SMS themes, some of them are free some are paid. Alot of plugins are available in the market for Go SMS Pro. So lets come to the main point of this post.

How to Backup SMS Android?

Go to the market,download and install Go SMS Pro. Its 100% free. After

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5 Android Apps you must have

In this article I’m going to share my best applications of android phones. These are the applications you must have in your android phone. I’m going to share some pictures, information and review of these apps. Also i will post the URL to each of the app, listed below. And one good news is that all of the, I’m going to share are 100% free.

PicsArt – Photo Studio

Pics Art

Picsart is a great application to edit your pictures without transferring to pc or using any professional photo editor like Photoshop. It allowes you to edit your pics and directly share it on social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. Have amazing features for

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How can i backup contacts on Android Phone?

Smartphones are increasing day by day. Android is one of the leading Smartphone Operating System which comes with alot of features. One of the best feature in android is taking Backup of Contacts in Android Smartphones. In this article I will show you how you can backup contacts on android phone. So, lets get started.

Tutorial Backup Contacts

First of all go to your contacts page on your Android phone.

Now press the menu button of you android phone, a list will open.

Tap on Import/Export, and a new popup screen will be displayed

Tap on “Export to SD card”

Click on OK, and a new file will be saved in your SD Card directory with the name of

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How to make Ubuntu Style Lockscreen of Android Phones

In this article i will explain how to make Ubuntu Style Lockscreen of your anroid phone? Ubuntu is a free Operating system by Google. It is lightning fast, light and Visually sound operating system. Now if you have Android Phone, you can make your lock screen beautiful like Ubuntu. Ubuntu Lockscreen App, is derived from the Ubuntu Touch OS, a standalone operating system that completely revamps your Android device, turning it into a PC-like powerhouse.

Ubuntu Style Lockscreen – Tutorial

»Step 1

Download Ubuntu Lockscreen from Google Play.

»Step 2

If there is any launcher is installed in your android device by default, you need to disable it by default. In my Galaxy Grand, Touchwiz Home is enabled by default.

Go to Settings > Application Manager > All and find TouchWiz Home or any

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