How Search Engines Work

how to work search engine

With Google being by far the most visited website in the world, it is hard to imagine using the Internet without search engines to help you find the content or businesses that you are looking for.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines have two main roles. Firstly, they use robots to crawl the Web and build an index of websites and their individual pages.

Secondly, they provide answers when someone enters a query. Gaining a better understanding of how the search engines work is important for any online marketing campaign, since it is necessary to capitalize on the fact that most Web traffic is driven by the search engines.

Given the fact that search engine traffic is so important

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Get Ready for the Softer Google Panda Algorithm Update

Panda Softer

If you haven’t read the latest Google news, Matt Cutts announced that the web spam team is working on a new “softer” version of the Google Panda algorithm. The news comes after small businesses have struggled for years over major search engine changes since 2011. A softer algorithm change sounds great to most online business owners, but what does it mean for you?


Panda: The Poor Content Algorithm


Google names its large algorithm changes after animals, and the change that shifted most of the search engine results was Panda. Panda goes after low-quality sites, which means any keyword-stuffed, machine-generated or poorly written content is its target. Other factors affect your rank, but Panda is designed to target low-quality content.

How Google can identify poor quality content is in its

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Mobile SEO – 7 Steps to Success

mobile seo

Over the past few years, more users have started to use their smartphones and tablets when it comes to conducting a search.  In fact, according to a recent survey compiled by Mobile Marketer, more than 30 percent of Internet users use some sort of mobile device.  Since it’s no secret that these numbers will continue to grow, it’s extremely important you’re catering to your mobile visitors.


Below are some guidelines that you can use if you want to make your website mobile-friendly:


1. Make it Mobile

It’s no secret that phones and tablets will come with various screen sizes.  Unlike a desktop, a phone is going to be very limited when it comes to the screen, and this is why it’s extremely important that your website works well with all sizes.


If your

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How to write SEO Optimize Article in WordPress?

optimizeAfter Setting up your WordPress blog, you have to go for Search Engine Optimization. Ofcourse you required a complete strategy. It means that you need to think about a specific plan on How to make your blog known? Obviously this is not the purpose of this Tutorial, but it is important to know where you are going. You must know Basics of SEO.

To write SEO Optimized Content, the following parameters must be taken:

  • Write 6 to 8 important keywords in your article
  • Internal Linking
  • Layout (Use h1, h2, h3, Bold, Italic etc..)
  • The level of language (Understandable by an engineer, student, doctor..)
  • External Links
  • Titles
  • Number of words
  • Reliability of information
  • Authenticity of the content (Must be Unique)
  • Add Media (images, video etc …)

There are many others parameters,

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What are Backlinks and How to get free backlinks?

I am sure that if you have studied about Search Engine Optimization, you’ve came across the word Backlink. Backlink is a term which refers to link pointing at a blog from another website/blog. When i started blogging, i was not aware of Backlinks and their importance. So its possible that you may also not aware of Backlinks, thats why I am going to share my knowledge of backlinks and how to create backlinks for WordPress Blog.

What is Backlink SEO

Quality BacklinksIn simple words “An anchor link in a blog/website which is pointing to another blog/website is called backlink“. Its a simple

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