An Overview Of WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress along with Java and Google Blogger have become useful and crucial platforms for website designers and developers.

This is because using these templates and layouts, the web developers can use them for the purpose of making some creative and inventive stuff of their web content as well.

One of the things that the new website creators and developers should know about is that of WordPress shortcodes.

These are codes that allow you to replace the text or the part of the programming language with any text that you want to fill it up with. Here is a full and properly planned tutorial for WordPress shortcodes and so on.

Simple Shortcodes

The simple process of assigning a shortcode to a website is that we need

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Google Authorship Markup Guide

This is a guest post by Usama Arshad from NetGuideLines. If you want to write for HowUpdates, You can contact us using Contact form.

Having a picture in Search Engine Results can surely Increase your’s blog CTR (Click Through Rate).  It is literally known as Authorship Markup or Rich Snippet. Basically it is having your Google+ picture under Google search results (Yeah, it sounds good. But it looks more good).

Rich Snippet CTR

Above in the picture is cool me, having a cool Rich Snippet in Google search results. Seeing a picture in search result can intrigue a reader to click on the link.

What is Google Authorship Markup?

Google Authorship is

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How to Setup RSS Feedburner for WordPress Blog?

RSS feedburnerRSS stands for Rich Site Summary. RSS Feeds enable the readers to get updates from there favorite blogs directly into their email box. It is also a great tool for Internet Marketers. RSS Feeds can bet setup for a blog using Feedburner. RSS Feedburner is one of the most essential part for a blogger to setup for their blog. Feedburner is owned by Google. It is a free Email Marketing tool with tons of features. Some features of RSS Feedburner are listed below:

  • Its a free Email marketing tool.
  • 100% Email delivery on time.
  • Easy to use and easy to manage.
  • Owned by Google.
  • Can easily be integrated with any theme.
  • You can have a full control on your

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How to drive traffic from Flickr to your blog?

If you are an old Internet user, you must have heard about Flickr. Flickr is an online photo management and sharing platform. Flickr is the company of Yahoo!. You can login at Flickr with your yahoo login credentials, or if you don’t have yahoo account you can signup for free. You can get 1 TB free space on Flickr to upload your photos, if you want to increase that disk space you need to go for premium account. So, that was all about Flickr. Now lets get to the point that how you can drive traffic from flickr to your blog?

How to drive Traffic from Flickr

Well, if you are GFX designer, Photographer and you have some quality photos, you can get huge traffic from Flickr. On Flickr

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What is Alexa? How to submit your blog to Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Ranking is a California-based company of Amazon. It provides commercial web traffic data. Alexa is the best tool to measure your blog’s popularity comparing to other blogs/websites. Alexa get traffic data from millions of internet users, which are using Alexa Toolbar, and from some other sources. Remember, alexa never provide original site results or ranks. I depend on the users of your blog which are using Alexa Toolbar. For example if you have 1k visitor a day and only 100 visitors are using Alexa toolbar, then alexa will count only 200 visitors. So if you want to list you blog in Alexa Ranking, Follow the step by step guide below.

How to submit your blog to Alexa?

Go to and click on Create an Account. Type

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