Basic WordPress Settings after WordPress Installation

I have already written a tutorial on How to install WordPress on any Host, Now i am going to write a detailed article on the basic settings you should do after the installation of WordPress. I’m going to create a list of basic wordpress settings.

Basic WordPress Settings

WordPress Permalinks:

Change default Permalinks to Custom permalinks. Because, default permalinks are looks like which is really short but not SEO friendly. This permalink is not good for Search engine optimization. So before any Post you should change your permalinks. At HowUpdates, Im using Post name permalink. According to me this is the best permalink settings because you can have your post title in your post URL, which is really good for SEO To change your Permalinks Settings goto Settings >> Permalinks >> Choose Post name >> Save. Changing permalinks, ensures that it will contain some keywords when it will show in Search Engines.

basics ettings

Disable users registration:

If you are a sole writer, and don’t want users to register on your blog, simply disable the registration. If you want to allow guest posts on your blog you should keep the registrations open, so the users will be able to register on your blog. Its a good idea to open the registrations on the blog. To Disable the registrations on the blog simply goto Settings >> General >> Uncheckmark Anyone can register. To enable the registrations checkmark it.

wp basic settings 2

Change the TimeZone:

If you want to schedule your blog according to your timezone, you should change the wordpress time zone to match yours. Goto Settings >> General >> Select your TimeZone >> Save Changes.


Update WordPress ping list:

WordPress only pings ONE service by default. You should extend the ping services. You can change the Ping Service, goto Settings >> Writing >> Paste the services below to Update Services.

pings settings

Comment Avatar:

If you want to set a default avatar for the commentators, who have no avatar you can set it. Goto Settings >> Discussion >>  Avatars >> Choose any avatar >> Save Changes.


So there were Essential WordPress Settings. If you have any questions, please post them below and if you found this post useful please share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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