How to Backup SMS Android?

In this article I’m going to explain how to backup SMS in Android smart phones. Thats an easy and useful trick. First of all you required Go SMS Pro. Go to playstore and Search for Go SMS Pro or you can go to the link below.

Download Go SMS Pro

This is one of the best app you should have in your Android phone. It allows you to create backup for your SMS, you can use multiple SMS themes, some of them are free some are paid. Alot of plugins are available in the market for Go SMS Pro. So lets come to the main point of this post.

How to Backup SMS Android?

Go to the market,download and install Go SMS Pro. Its 100% free. After installing the app, open it. It will look like this.

Tap on the top left corner menu button.

Tap on the Backup button from the menu.

Tap on the Backup SMS. (Your SMS backup will be saved into your SD Card memory, Or if your android phone have built in memory it will save in built in External Memory).

Checkmark the Inbox option and then tap on Backup.


Go SMS is creating your Backup now. Let it be complete. If you can’t to cancel this procedure, tap on the Cancel button below.

Once it Done, Tap on the Complete button. You have your backup in SD Card now.

If you want to restore your backup Follow these details.

Open Go SMS Pro >> Tap the top left Menu button >> Tap on Backup >> Tap on Restore SMS >> Checkmark the existed backup which you want to restore >> Tap on the restore Button >> Bingo! you have all your Backup SMS in your inbox.

Extra Features of Go SMS Pro

  1. You can find hundreds of themes for Go SMS Pro (Free and Paid)
  2. You can Set Autoreply for incoming SMS.
  3. You can email sms backup to anyone.
  4. You can block anyone from your contact list from Sending SMS.
  5. You can create folders for SMS.


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