Akismet WordPress Plugin (Anti-Spam)

Akismet is an Anti-Spam WordPress plugin. It is a basic WordPress plugin which comes by default with WordPress Script to stop WordPress Spam. It is highly recommended to make your blog spam free. Spam comments is not new, once your blog goes live, your blog will start getting spam. So to safe your blog for Spamming you must have Akismet installed. Akisment have the ability to stop any type of comments spam. You can also see Akismet Stats on your Dashboard. No matter it is a human who is spamming or a bot. Akismet is the best solution to stop spam.

What is Akismet?

Akismet is a free plugin by WordPress Officially. In past days, it was easy to get Akismet activated by just signing up for WordPress account, but now WordPress have created a dedicated website for Akismet. You have to activate akismet by an API key which you can get from Akismet.com easily.

In this post i will show you how you can install Akismet WordPress plugin, and how to get an Akismet API Key Free to activate it. Though it is not easy to get an API key because there is no button for free signup on Akismet website and also you can’t find any free plan on pricing page.

How Akismet works?

Akismet have a database of blacklisted IP (Intrnet Protocols) Addresses, When a spammer/bot comment on your blog post, the comment passes through Akismet System, and akismet check the comment in their database and if it is detected as a spam, Akismet move the comment to the spam folder else Akismet will approve the comment and move it to administration approval folder.

Akismet WordPress Plugin

How to get free Akismet API key?

Akismet comes with stock isntallation of WordPress script. So you just have to get an Akismet API key to activate the akismet. So go to Plugins >> Activate Akismet. After activating click on setting under Akismet on the plugins page. Now when you click on Create an API, it will redirect you to Akismet website, Click on Get an Akesmet API key. Now signup with your email address. Once you signed up, Akismet will redirect you to Akismet Plans page. Select Personal plan.

Akismet api key

Click on the signup button under personal plan. Then on the next page, drag the yearly contribution slider to $0 and click on Continue.

Akismet WordPress Plugin

Akismet will provide you API key. Now you can copy that akismet API key and go to your Akismet Settings on your blog. Paste that Akismet API key and click on save changes and its done. Akismet will start protecting your blog from spam.


Must install Akismet WordPress Plugin today. Your will never have to disapprove spam comments again one by one. Install it today and leave on Akismet. Do not forget to subscribe the blog. Subscribe and stay updated. Share the post with your friend if you found it useful.

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