How to Use Google Page Speed

google page speed

The way that your website works for your visitors matters. Sites that download quickly are perceived as being better than those that download slowly. You may only get a few seconds of their time before they navigate off the page and go elsewhere. Google’s add-on for F  Read More »

Seven Fantastic Comment Management WordPress Plugins

comments wordpress

Once your blog starts getting more than ten comments a day, you'll want to install a few Wordpress plugins that can help you manage them. A comments system is a fantastic way to communicate with your customers and visitors and can help you develop a community that will  Read More »

Top 7 WordPress Productivity Tips

wordpress productivity

Success in blogging depends a lot on having the right tools and using them wisely. While most people would agree that WordPress is an awesome blogging platform, not many know how to make it work more efficiently for them. That's a pity because the better you know  Read More »

Get Ready for the Softer Google Panda Algorithm Update

Panda Softer

If you haven't read the latest Google news, Matt Cutts announced that the web spam team is working on a new "softer" version of the Google Panda algorithm. The news comes after small businesses have struggled for years over major search engine changes since 2011. A  Read More »

How to Effectively Secure Your Personal Information Online

protect personal data

The National Security Agency has already admitted to obtaining and examining the metadata of every American. Then there's Facebook blatantly making use of its users' images, likes, and status updates for targeting advertisements. These two privacy-related concerns are  Read More »

How Would You Google Bomb Someone

google bomb

It was Archimedes Plutonium, a celebrity on USENET in 1997, who first coined the term search engine bombing. The phenomenon was an obscure one at first. It wasn't until two years later that search engine bombing activity achieved results sensational enough to be of  Read More »

Mobile SEO – 7 Steps to Success

mobile seo

Over the past few years, more users have started to use their smartphones and tablets when it comes to conducting a search.  In fact, according to a recent survey compiled by Mobile Marketer, more than 30 percent of Internet users use some sort of mobile device.  Since i  Read More »

How to Decrease Bounce Rate and Increase Pageviews


This is a guest post by Irfan Saleem from Free Wordpress Business Theme. If you want to write for HowUpdates, You can contact us using Contact form. Increasing Pageviews And decreasing the bounce rate are two very important things, if you manage to fix one of these 2  Read More »

WordPress Permalinks Advance Configuration Guide


A permalink is a URL that points to a permanent post or page in WordPress. Its structure is short by default but not SEO Friendly. So, it is the part of the essential configuration for a WordPress Blog. Its structure by default uses the id of the page/article as a u  Read More »

How to Promote your Old Posts via Twitter?


I got a blog and hundreds of posts and thousands of daily visitors but you are not getting any page views on your old blog posts? Oh my GOD, that's the weird situation! Don't worry, let me tell you about a Secret WordPress Plugin, which will help you to promote your old  Read More »

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